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From coverage and benefit limits to value and reviews, we research everything you need to compare pet insurance in canada and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of pet insurance in canada below.
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How we Compare Pet Insurance in Canada

Coverage - 25%
Benefit Limits - 15%
Deductibles - 10%
Reimbursement Models - 10%
Customer Service - 20%
Value - 10%
Reviews - 10%


Pet Insurance Checklist

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Whether your pet needs a couple stiches put into an injured paw or if they’re facing a serious life threatening condition like cancer, you want a plan that has broad coverage & has few exclusions. After all, pet insurance is for the unexpected, and while some breeds are pre-disposed for specific health problems, the only thing you can really expect as a pet parent is that the unexpected will happen.  

An exception to the broad coverage rule is wellness coverage, also referred to as preventative care, which covers routine procedures such as checkups & vaccinations. Despite sounding like something you might want to have included as part of your pet insurance plan, wellness coverage is not a good deal.

Make sure your Pet Insurance plan covers:

  • Accidents & Illnesses
  • Hereditary, Congential, & Chronic Conditions
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Emergency Care
  • Hospitalization
  • Specialist Care
  • Prescription Medication
  • Surgery

The Bottom Line

When looking at pet insurance, find a comprehensive plan that will protect you from the unexpected. We don’t suggest wellness or preventative care because these expenses can be budgeted for annually, but pick the plan that is best for you and your furry friend.

There’s a reason 82% of policies in the US do not cover wellness or preventative care. Wellness coverage drives up your monthly premiums & makes it so you pay more over the life of your pet for inexpensive procedures that are cheaper to pay out-of-pocket.


Pet Insurance in Canada with the Best Coverage:

Benefit Limits


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Depending on the Pet Insurance Company, your plan may provide unlimited lifetime benefits or your benefits may be capped on an Annual, lifetime, or per-condition basis.

We prefer companies that have unlimited lifetime benefits, meaning plans that have no payout cap. Veterinary Care costing $5,000 or more is becoming more common and having a plan without limits means you can give your pet the best care possible year after year. However, you may find that a plan with a payout cap works best for your needs and price point. Just remember to plan for the unexpected. 

Before buying, consider the following when it comes to Benefit Limits:

- Some Pet Insurance companies have Benefit Caps on how much you can receive over the lifetime of your pet.

- Waiting periods between enrollment and coverage are common. They typically range from 7 -30 days, and possibly longer with specific conditions.

- Some companies have Age Restrictions for enrollment. However, all of the Top 10 Pet Insurance Companies will cover your pet for life once they are enrolled.


The Bottom Line:

We suggest companies with unlimited benefit payouts, however many companies who do have benefit caps have set them so high that you may not reach them during the lifetime of your pet. Some companies have age restrictions when enrolling your pet, but the best Pet Insurance Companies will never drop your pet’s coverage because of their age. Lastly, it is not uncommon to have waiting periods between the time you enroll you enroll your pet and when your pet is covered. 

Note: If you have a working pet, like a service animal, herding dog, breeding dog or cat, basic Pet Insurance plans may not cover them. Some companies will not cover working pets at all, while others have special plans for these hard working animals.


Pet Insurance in Canada with the Best Benefit Limits:



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Similar to health insurance for people, with pet insurance your deductible is the amount out-of-pocket expense you’re have to pay before your pet insurance company will start reimbursing your costs. As a general rule, deductible amounts are typically inversely correlated to what you pay in monthly premiums such that the lower your monthly premiums are the higher your deductible will be.  

Pet Insurance companies offer one of three deductible types:

  • Annual: You pay ONE deductible each policy year for any condition being treated.
  • Per-Condition (Lifetime): For each condition your pet is treated for you’ll have a separate deductible. Once that deductible is paid, that condition is covered for the rest of your pet’s life.
  • Per-Condition (Yearly): For each condition your pet is treated for, you’ll have a separate deductible AND your deductible will reset each policy year.


The Bottom Line

We suggest a plan with an Annual deductible over a Per-Condition plan. However, if you do select a Per-Condition plan, we suggest the Lifetime deductible

Per-condition and Per-incident mean the same thing, but the wording may be used interchangeably.


Pet Insurance in Canada with the Best Deductibles:

Reimbursement Models


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When it comes to reimbursement, it’s important to note that most all companies require you to pay for your pet’s vet bill up front, and then will reimburse you for the cost that your plan covers. Top rated companies will also pre-authorize expensive treatments and directly pay the hospital.

Most companies offer reimbursement rates from 70-90%, however there are a few companies that also offer up to 100% of the bill. Remember that the reimbursement rate will directly impact your monthly premiums. The higher the reimbursement rate, the higher your monthly premium.

The Bottom Line

We suggest a plan that reimburses based on the actual cost of the veterinary bill. This way you will always know up front what you will be paying instead of having to rely on calculations and schedules that Pet Insurance Companies decide on. 

All of the Top 6 Pet Insurance Companies offer reimbursement based on actual cost, which is our preferred reimbursement model.


Pet Insurance in Canada with the Best Reimbursement Models:

Full Pet Insurance in Canada Comparison

CoverageBenefit LimitsDeductiblesReimbursement ModelsCustomer ServiceValueReviews
Petplan Canada Pet Insurance10.
Trupanion Canada Pet Insurance9.
Pets Plus Us Canada Pet Insurance8.
Petsecure Canada Pet Insurance7.
PC Pet Insurance in Canada6.
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Latest Reviews

Reviews help other customers make decisions. Share your experience with Pet Insurance in Canada
Meghan K
Haliburton, Ontario
We decided to get our dog insured after struggling to afford medications and tests for our cat. I'd had another cat previously that I also struggled to afford veterinary care for, so at the suggestion of my boyfriend, we decided to go the insurance route. We got our dog signed up through their trial of insurance that we got at our veterinarian. Shortly after she broke a tooth, which they covered. A few months later she ate a naproxen tablet, which is toxic! I think the cat was trying to kill her because those pills were safely on the table when we left the house! Well they covered that vet stay too. Then she started vomiting and was later diagnosed with IBD. Not only have they covered that as well, but they pay my vet directly right at checkout so I don't have to worry about paying the full bill. It's been a real relief to pick up more than $200 worth of medication per month and only have to pay less than $20. We've been able to do things like ultrasound and endoscopy to diagnose what she has instead of treating her symptoms and hoping for the best like we've had to do in the past with other pets. We're even using Chinese herbal therapy right now to treat the IBD! We honestly could not have done all of that without Trupanion.

Ruth J
Mountain Grove, Ontario
Back in June of this year, our Golden was discovered to have Melanoma in his mouth. We discovered it very quickly as we brush his teeth every day and it literally was not there one day and there the next. We rushed him into our vet who removed as much as she could but the results came back that it was cancer. We took him to the VEC in Toronto where CTScans/ultrasounds/x-rays were all done to see if it had spread. As per all those tests it had not. Surgery was performed immediately and a small piece of his upper jaw bone was removed along with 2 or 3 teeth and some skin from his teeth. Repeated trips to the VEC were done for checkups and the new Melanoma vaccine. To date the bill for all of this has been well over $10,000. Trupanion has paid the 90% without any problems at all. Claim is filed and within a few days the money is in the bank. Not having to fight with an insurance company has been such a bonus with having to go through all this other stress. I would not hesitate to get Trupanion on any future pet that we will get. BTW it's been 6 months since this all started and (fingers crossed) Jackson is doing well. He just had his 6 month chest x-ray (paid by Trupanion) done and it was clear.

Leslie L
Germantown, Tennessee
My kitty Harley got sick and couldn't keep anything in his system for 4-5 days. Took him to ER and they thought they saw an object on the X-ray's. My vet diagnosed IBS/Pancreatitis. He would not eat for over 2 weeks. I had to keep going back to the vet and getting new medications to try to heal him and syringe feed him so that he would not have liver issues. I was going to get him help no matter what the cost, but having PetPlan insurance really helped!!! I was about to go to a specialist when he finally started eating. I sent in my bills and received a check in the mail within a few weeks. I have had PetPlan insurance for both of my kitties for over 6 years now and I wouldn't do without it! They are super easy to work with and makes my mind at ease to take care of my fur babies without having to worry about cost.

Reviews help other customers make decisions. Share your experience with Pet Insurance in Canada