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Stop Applying for Personal Loans, Consolidate & Eliminate Your Debt

NickAug 3, 2016

The chicken and egg problem:

These days there are no shortage of personal loan offers online. Companies usually wave a pretty attractive interest rate in your face, and guarantee quick and easy approval.

But there's a chicken and egg problem: without a high credit score, you can't qualify for a low interest rate. Without a low interest rate, how are you supposed to consolidate your debt and pay it off? It's like the banks don't want you to win!

The truth is, in our experience, a personal loan isn’t always the best or fastest way to eliminate debt.

We hear from consumers who say that even with absolutely fine credit scores, some of the personal loan companies offered an APR not that much, or not at all, better than the rates they already have!

So what can be done?

There is actually another option. "Debt relief," or "debt settlement," is a targeted, less clumsy and more aggressive way to rid yourself of your burden of debt once and for all. When you go with a company like our advertising partner Accredited Debt Relief who specifically concentrates on debt consolidation and relief, you can eliminate your debt fast, sometimes as fast as 24-48 months.

Debt settlement experts can communicate with your creditors and settle your debt for less than what you currently owe. What’s more, you won’t pay a dime until they’ve successfully done so. They are specifically in the business of getting you out from under the rock as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Why debt consolidation/relief is better than a personal loan:

  • Get out of debt fast, 24-48 months
  • Consolidate for less than you owe
  • Low interest rates, 4%-8%
  • Agency won’t collect fees until debt is settled
  • Connect and plan with debt relief experts
  • Eliminate excessive fees and calls from creditors
  • Avoid bankruptcy

Excessive debt is like a huge wet blanket that smothers everything in your life. The unrelenting stress can be hard on relationships and cause more than a few sleepless nights. Debt settlement and consolidation can be a way out of this nightmare. If you're interested in a confidential consultation, with no obligation or cost check out our advertising partner Accredited Debt Relief. They are A+ rated by the BBB and have helped thousands. Full disclosure, we receive a small commission if you click on our links and choose to contact them.