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$5,000 or more in Credit Card Debt? Put Down Everything and Read This Now.

NickOct 14, 2015

$5,000 or more in Credit Card Debt? Put Down Everything and Read This.

There are many misconceptions about debt and those who carry it. Some think it’s related to overspending, living beyond one’s means or even addictive habits like shopping or gambling. The truth is, most indebted Americans are hard working middle class individuals or families who have gone into debt from spending on day-to-day items like groceries, bills, diapers and other basic household expenditures.

Credit cards market themselves as an item of convenience – they tell you that online shopping, checking out the grocery store and paying your bill at dinner will be easy, seamless, and almost glamorous. Truth be told, credit card companies are in it to win it, taking in 18%, 20% or even higher rates in interest on your hard earned money. Ask yourself - when you receive your shiny credit card in the mail, are you given tools to use the card, to pay the card off or to manage your payments if you get in over your head? We all know the answer to this question and we know it’s not in your favor.

The good news? You’re not alone - In 2014, the Federal Reserve estimated that over 35 percent of Americans were suffering from revolving credit card debt. If you are part of this statistic, you are amongst a large percentage of Americans, literally hundreds of thousands of hard working individuals, who like you want to rid themselves of debt and regain financial freedom.

Whether your credit is good, bad or ugly, there is a solution and it’s as easily said as it is done. Here are 3 steps you can take towards financial freedom:

1. Get Real. Admit that you’re carrying a balance and decide that it’s worth the time to find an alternative. Take 10 minutes right now to answer a few simple questions at our number one rated source for debt elimination right hereThis is a free, risk free assesment that will give you real answers right away. 


“When banks compete, you win” - Lending Tree


 2. Get Rates.  Once you've completed the assesment, you'll be given rates. These rates will vary based on your existing credit score. The higher your credit the lower the rate but this does not mean that low credit score puts you out of the game. In fact, even individulas with low credit scores are eligible for debt elimination loans through Lending Tree or the other choices our experts have listed for you. The reason why our experts chose Lending Tree as their #1 is because banks compete through lending tree for your business, making you the winner and giving you the power back when it comes to who controls your finances. If you have completed the Lending Tree assesment and are not satified with what you see, it might have something to do with your credit score. Below is a chart created by our experts that matches your credit score up with the debt elimination company that may be best for you.

Excellent (720+) Lending Tree ranks #1

Good (680-619) Lending Tree or So-Fi

Fair (640-679) Lending Tree or Prosper

Poor (639<)

"Over 35 percent of Americans are suffering from revolving credit card debt" - The Federal Reserve


3. Consolidate. You've made your choice with the advice our experts have provides above and now you can get started with the consolidation process. You will be walked through this process once you have received loan approval and now Start your new life! It really is as simple as the four steps above. 

Thanks to the research team at Consumers Advocate you are now able to get the wheels in motion to your new, debt free, stress free future. Congratulations!