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Since 1998, Paycom has been developing payroll and business-related software to help its clients lower labor costs, improve overall efficiency and streamline many business processes. Paycom’s payroll software is offered as an SaaS, pay-as-you-go service. It can handle different payroll tasks including automatic payroll services, payment options, expense management and tax processing among others.




Online payroll processing

  • Cloud-based, process anywhere and anytime
  • Unlimited users with customized access
  • Automatic payroll updates with time data and employee changes
  • Set future dates for earnings and deductions
  • Manual check process incorporating all earnings and deductions
  • Verify payroll before processing
  • Large number of standard reports
  • Track all system changes with audit trails  


Paycom Pay

  • Check payments for employees who clear off a Paycom bank account
  • Payroll, taxes and fees drafted from your account


Expense Management

  • Set expense rules (deduction type, dollar amount, reimbursements)
  • Flag suspicious expenses for investigation
  • Group expenses into categories with reimbursement limits
  • Assign expense rules and categories for specific employees or group of employees with expense classes
  • Lets employees upload receipts and submit reimbursements
  • Self-service and reimbursement status viewing with Expense Dashboard
  • Automatic payroll updates with employee reimbursement information
  • Expense activity monitoring with expense management reports


Garnishment Management

  • Alleviate costly calculating errors
  • Reduce direct communication with garnishment agencies
  • Paycom will handle communications with garnishment agencies and calculate and track garnishment payments


Payroll Tax Management

  • Limit your payroll tax responsibilities
  • Paycom will debit your payroll taxes, deposit them on their due date and sign and remit your payroll tax filings.



  • Push reporting
  • Expense Audit report
  • Transaction reports
  • Approval report
  • Expense classes report


Time and Labor Management

  • Time and attendance
  • Web time clocks
  • Hardware terminals
  • Labor allocations
  • Labor management reports
  • Schedule exchange
  • Time-off requests



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Support Services

Support services

Support hotlines


Summary - Paycom

Paycom is a full-featured payroll service capable of handling a variety of payroll-related tasks. It offers businesses a simpler way of creating a payroll system that integrates HR and time management features. With Paycom, clients are assured that they are able to pay the right taxes and employees are paid accurately.


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12 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Trish M
Los Angeles, California
We switched to Paycom in July 2016. The system has a clean look and I like the ability to limit who sees what in the ATS. But the thing that frustrates me the most is the work around for the wage effective date. If you set a new employee as a pre-hire so they can complete the onboarding process you have to set them up as a commissioned employee, finalize and then change to a regular employee and add the effective date. If you do not do this, the effective date will be the processing date (the date you set them up in Paycom) rather than their hire date. We told the sales person this was a deal breaker. We had to have a system that showed the actual effective date of the wage, not the... Read More

Alpharetta, Georgia
I notice a lot of people who are making very positive comments, live in OK City. I gather they work for Paycom. Well, I am a customer and from my end, Paycom is mediocre at best. You have to conduct all communication through your team leader (who may be prone to not getting back to you, as ours is). It takes FOREVER to get a simple yes/no answer to a question if the team leader has to talk to another team like the tax team, benefits team, etc. And, they really don't know anything other than the software - no payroll knowledge. Slick pretty software, but expensive for what you are getting.

Portland, Oregon
I enjoy the mobile app, especially the expense management feature. I travel a lot for work and having this easy-to-use functionality on the go is great because I can submit reimbursements anywhere and anytime.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
- TONS of room for growth. Paycom is huge on promoting from within, which is a major plus. For anyone who wants to achieve a lot in life and in their career, Paycom is the place to be. - Our recruiters know how to hire great people! You'll find yourself surrounded by hard working, dedicated individuals. You know anyone you work with across all departments is going to pull their weight. You work with people who value a good work ethic. - Leadership makes difficult decisions and takes action. It gets exhausting working for companies that don't trim necessary fat - Paycom is growing too quickly to keep individuals who are not major contributors. - The community. Hard working, passionate... Read More

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Paycom has an amazing product. I love being able to access all of my personal information in the app. I can also approve time, search for candidates and update benefits all with a click of a button. It's nice knowing if I do have questions I'm able to talk to my dedicated specialist and not random individuals each time.

Brock L
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Paycom's software has tremendously made my life easier. I used to have to remember multiple log-ins to enter my time, vacation requestes, and then benefits. When we got Paycom's ESS system that houses all of my personal information on one platform, it freed up a lot of my work time and took away so much stress. Truly a great company!

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
This is great software with a great history of enhancements. I love the mobile app and capabilities that are available.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
I have used Paycom for my entire HR career and am probably pretty biased because of it. I have, over the past 9 years, used other big name payroll providers and ended up always coming back to Paycom due to their usability, client support and location. (I am in Oklahoma). I love supporting a local company and appreciate the responsiveness I get from my rep if I have a question. Their reporting tools are user friendly and help keep our HR department efficient and compliant.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Really good system IMO. I've used numerous systems that seem to have communication issues but Paycoms systems flow seamlessly. I've worked in HR for 15 years.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Paycom's manager and employee self-service are outstanding. They are user-friendly and offer employers the ability to better manage their employees. I love being able to conduct reviews, enroll in benefits and look up important HR information at the click of a button.

Top Rated
9.9 / 10
  • Starts at $20 per month, $2 per employee
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Eliminate tax penalties
  • Automatic tax payments
  • W2 employees, 1099  contractors
  • Payroll setup