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Since 1998, Paycom has been developing payroll and business-related software to help its clients lower labor costs, improve overall efficiency and streamline many business processes. Paycom’s payroll software is offered as an SaaS, pay-as-you-go service. It can handle different payroll tasks including automatic payroll services, payment options, expense management and tax processing among others.




Online payroll processing

  • Cloud-based, process anywhere and anytime
  • Unlimited users with customized access
  • Automatic payroll updates with time data and employee changes
  • Set future dates for earnings and deductions
  • Manual check process incorporating all earnings and deductions
  • Verify payroll before processing
  • Large number of standard reports
  • Track all system changes with audit trails  


Paycom Pay

  • Check payments for employees who clear off a Paycom bank account
  • Payroll, taxes and fees drafted from your account


Expense Management

  • Set expense rules (deduction type, dollar amount, reimbursements)
  • Flag suspicious expenses for investigation
  • Group expenses into categories with reimbursement limits
  • Assign expense rules and categories for specific employees or group of employees with expense classes
  • Lets employees upload receipts and submit reimbursements
  • Self-service and reimbursement status viewing with Expense Dashboard
  • Automatic payroll updates with employee reimbursement information
  • Expense activity monitoring with expense management reports


Garnishment Management

  • Alleviate costly calculating errors
  • Reduce direct communication with garnishment agencies
  • Paycom will handle communications with garnishment agencies and calculate and track garnishment payments


Payroll Tax Management

  • Limit your payroll tax responsibilities
  • Paycom will debit your payroll taxes, deposit them on their due date and sign and remit your payroll tax filings.



  • Push reporting
  • Expense Audit report
  • Transaction reports
  • Approval report
  • Expense classes report


Time and Labor Management

  • Time and attendance
  • Web time clocks
  • Hardware terminals
  • Labor allocations
  • Labor management reports
  • Schedule exchange
  • Time-off requests



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Support Services

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Summary - Paycom

Paycom is a full-featured payroll service capable of handling a variety of payroll-related tasks. It offers businesses a simpler way of creating a payroll system that integrates HR and time management features. With Paycom, clients are assured that they are able to pay the right taxes and employees are paid accurately.


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Not a week without and issue in a year of doing business with them. They got off to a bad start by overdrafting my bank account by about $30,000 because they did the set up wrong. Tax rates entered incorrectly. Not returning EMAC tax when it was collected but not due. Letters from the state for late tax remittances. Fees debited regularly are much higher than they should be. High turnover doesn't help.

Austin, Texas
Horrible UI experience. It appears that the developers had little to no input from HR professionals when designing the functionality. We are currently on Paycom, but can't wait to migrate to a new system. Poor customer service and reps that don't know the system and shortcomings well either.

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