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Amazon is the world’s largest internet-based retailer with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It is an electronic commerce and cloud computing company that started as an online bookstore. Today it has become the biggest internet-based retailer with products ranging from electronics to food and almost everything in between. Amazon has also ventured into consumer electronics with its Amazon Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, Fire TV and the world’s largest provider of cloud infrastructure services. 

Services and Features

Amazon is the largest internet-based retailer of consumer goods and services. Products include appliances, furniture, wellness essentials, clothing, bags, software, bags, jewelleries and its own line of electronic products.

Amazon has a membership program that gives members the option of managing their account. It allows them to view their gift card balance, return an item and manage payment options. Amazon also provides a list of promotional deals which of membership discounts, online gift vouchers and monthly promos. It also has order tracking features which enables customers to trace their items in real-time.

Free shipping is available for minimum purchases of $25 up to $49. Failure to reach the required minimum purchase is subject to an additional fee of $1.99 up to $5.99 per item and $1.99 to $24.99 per shipment.

Amazon offers a variety of payment options such as credit card, PayPal and Amazon store card. Accumulated points are earned through continuous shopping where certain item cost is equivalent to one stored point.

Services and Features

Free Shipping

International Shipping

Returns and Reimbursement

Order Tracking

Online Gift Coupons

Account Management

Products Offered









Wellness Essentials

Electronic Device

Musical Instruments

Home Structure Parts


Vehicle Accessories

Discounts and Promos

Membership Discounts

Monthly Promos

Seasonal Discounts

Loyalty Programs

Gift Cards

Plan and Pricing

Additional Shipping Rates

Per Shipment $1.99 - $24.99 ; Per Item $1.99 - $5.99

Length of Delivery

1-8 days

Free Shipping Minimum Purchase

$25 - $49

Type of Payments


Credit Card

Accumulated Points

Store Card


Reward and Gift Cards

Online Shopping at Amazon

Shoppers will find Amazon to be one of the best places to shop online. With millions of products sourced from countries all over the globe, shoppers will always find what they’re searching for. With years of experience in online shopping and continuous improvement in customer experience, Amazon remains to be a leader in online shopping.

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