Founded in 1858, Denver, Colorado is not only the city with the 17th highest altitude in the US, it's also a dynamic metropolis that is constantly growing and changing. Since 2000, its population has increased by nearly 150,000 individuals. Despite this growth, however, the cost of living has remained unchanged, with the average monthly rent of a furnished, multi-room apartment hovering around $1,500. This puts Denver in roughly the same category as Seattle, Nashville, and Albuquerque as both an attractive and affordable place to live. 

Denver boasts an expansive and easy-to-use public transportation network, complete with 127 bus lines, two commuter rail lines, and seven light rail lines. With nearly a third of Denver’s population contributing to daily ridership numbers, the RTD transit system makes car ownership an option rather than a necessity for city dwellers. This is a big point to remember for those considering a move to Denver, as it should influence their decision of whether to transport their automobiles and rely on the city's excellent transportation.

Another point to think about is the fact that in recent years, Denver’s housing market has become increasingly volatile. New mortgage debt on the rise, which has many new residents opting to rent, rather than buy. The housing market over-anticipated a large influx of new condominium shoppers, leading to many high-rise buildings that are at less than full-capacity. With supply outstripping demand, rents are low and there is a variety of different options to choose from. 

If you've carefully considered every factor and are decided on making the move to Denver, it's good to know that most of the largest moving companies operate nationally. This makes the labor cost of a given move typically inexpensive, depending on the number of items and type of domicile. The most costly element in the final price of moving comes from the distance travelled. For instance, a relocation from San Francisco to Denver could cost approximately $2,000; wereas one from New York will run about $3,000. 

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