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From plans and air fleet to medical equipment and geographic coverage, we research everything you need to compare medical air transport and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of medical air transport below.
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How we Compare Medical Air Transport

Plans - 35%
Air Fleet - 25%
Operations - 10%
Medical Equipment - 15%
Geographic Coverage - 15%


Cost Limits

It’s not enough to know that your provider is able to offer medical air transport services across any point in the world. Knowing just how much it’s willing to cover expenses should also be considered. The main benefit of membership-based medical air transport services is that it is cheaper compared to call-based or on-demand medical air transport. “NO cost limit” simply means no out-of-pocket expenses regardless of distance travelled.

Nearest Appropriate Medical Facility Limitation

In most cases, medical air transport services have the sole discretion of determining the appropriate medical facility destination. And this might be thousands of miles away from home. Some providers advertise “transport to a medical facility near home” but this is more of an option and not a choice.

A “NO nearest appropriate medical facility limitation” makes the choice of where you are transported entirely your decision. 

Medical Necessity Requirement

This refers to prior doctor approval to air transportation. Again this is a decision that most likely rests in the discretion of your provider’s physician. A “No Medical Necessity Requirement” only requires that you be hospitalized to qualify for air transport.

Pre-existing Condition Clause

A pre-existing condition clause excuses your medical air transport provider when a member suffers from such ailment. A waiting period is usually required in order for members to qualify for the program. A “NO pre-existing condition” clause means that you get immediate protection.

Miles from home -Refers to the minimum distance from a member’s registered home before medical air transport could be availed.

Bed to bed service – coordinates member’s transport using aircraft or ground ambulance or a combination of both.

Emergency evacuation – a benefit often included in air transport services.

Commercial flight medical escort – a medical air transport option that uses commercial airlines for transferring members to another medical facility. Members are escorted by medical personnel during the flight. This is done when specialized aircraft is deemed unnecessary.

Number of transports in a year – minimum industry standards are one transport in a year. Multiple transports are also offered so be sure to check this feature with your provider. Limitation for number of transports include those for families or multiple transports in one occasion.

Medical Air Transport with the Best Plans:

MedjetAssistAir Ambulance CardAirMed InternationalGlobal RescueInternational SOSSkyMedMASA AssistAir Rescue CardAir Evac Lifeteam
Cost LimitsNoneNoneN/AHigh cost limit$1,000,000 aggregate limit for Emergency Medical EvacuationCombined single limit of $250,000 for covered services ($100,000 for the Short Term Product)NoneNoneN/A
Nearest Appropriate Medical Facility Limitation150 miles from their home and have the option of being transported to their home country hospital of choice150 miles or more from homeNone100 miles from homeNot statedMore than 100 miles from homeN/ANoneN/A
Medical Necessity Requirement
Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion
Waiting Period30 daysNone15 daysNoneNoneUp to 90 days90 daysNoneNone
Maximum Dollar LimitNoneNoneN/AVaries on the plan$100,000 per Member per Personal Security SituationN/ANoneN/AN/A
Number of Transports in a Year 2 separate flights per annual membership per year excluding except for repatriation flightsUp to 2 separate transports per membership per yearN/A2 transports per yearN/A2 services per person per yearN/AN/ANo limit
Bed to Bed Service
Emergency Evacuation
Commercial Flight Medical Escort

Air Fleet

The backbone of any medical air transport service. This is what differentiates this type of service from ambulances or land-based emergency medical transport. Aircraft assets gives medical teams the ability to transport patients faster over longer distances.

The quality and number of aircraft largely depends on the company’s coverage area. This could run from a few states to multiple points across the globe. Aside from maintaining a fleet of aircraft that could cover multiple emergencies instantaneously, it should also possess a combination of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft for responding to different situations.

Medical Air Transport with the Best Air Fleet:

MedjetAssistAir Ambulance CardAirMed InternationalGlobal RescueInternational SOSSkyMedMASA AssistAir Rescue CardAir Evac Lifeteam
Fixed-Wing Aircraft


Pre-deployed aircraft or bases plays an important role in reducing response times. Some medical air transport companies are able to respond to medical emergencies faster by maintaining partnerships with different air carriers. Multiple bases does not only improve the availability of aircraft, pre-positioned personnel ensures qualified personnel will be able to respond to emergencies more quickly.

Medical Air Transport with the Best Operations:

MedjetAssistAir Ambulance CardAirMed InternationalGlobal RescueInternational SOSSkyMedMASA AssistAir Rescue CardAir Evac Lifeteam
Number of Medical Aircraft250 private air amblulances65 medical aircraftN/AN/A8 air ambulances in Singapore, Johannesburg, Dubai, Baden-Baden, Tianjin and Port Moresby. N/AN/AN/A110
Base Locations50 worldwide15N/AN/A1,000 locations in 90 countries32 countries19 locationsN/A131 mutually-supporting air medical bases across 15 states

Medical Equipment

Aircraft should be furnished with the best emergency medical equipment staffed by professional trained medical personnel. Pilot qualifications are also considered.

Medical Air Transport with the Best Medical Equipment:

MedjetAssistAir Ambulance CardAirMed InternationalGlobal RescueInternational SOSSkyMedMASA AssistAir Rescue CardAir Evac Lifeteam
Immobilization Equipment

Geographic Coverage

Medical air transport services are not only designed for answering domestic emergencies. This is especially useful for travelers abroad who are visiting countries that might not have the same level of medical expertise back home. This is an area of concern especially for members planning to travel abroad. It is essential that you sign up with a company that is capable of conducting medical air transport in those countries.

Medical Air Transport with the Best Geographic Coverage:

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Los Angeles, California
Good company respects and thank you

[email protected]
Lawrenceville, Georgia
Travel in the Caribbean, cruises and Scuba. This will give me peace of mind, that I will get the best care available and get me back home. Also drive in Atlanta traffic, so if do get in a wreck I will not have to worry about a helicopter ride to get me to the best hospital. Melissa Cumming, GA

Lydia M
Bought a 1 yr membership although never thought I'd need with USA travel as my main vacation spots. May 28 flew New Orleans/Orange County for daughter's wedding in Palm Springs. Have had many many trips to this area. 2 days later massive medical emergency. Hospital put me in Hospice, my Dr. In New Orleans told husband to get her home & they would save. MEDJET coordinated everything professionally & precisely. 3hrs 40 min after airlift in Palm Springs I was in MY hospital in New Orleans. Amazing company. All paperwork between hospitals/ambulances/Doctors coordinated quickly & precisely. They saved my life.

Reviews help other customers make decisions. Share your experience with Medical Air Transport