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Why MedjetAssist is our Number 1 Choice

MedjetAssist is our top choice for air-medical transportation services because of their extensive partnerships with air carriers and air ambulance providers to cover the needs of their members, including those with pre-existing conditions. Program members are eligible for transport to their home country and city hospital of choice if hospitalized just 150+ miles from their home. It works domestically as well as internationally

Medjet is the industry leader in medical transport, forging a global network of air medical transport affiliates and security providers over the past 26 years. At any given time, Medjet has access to more than 250 private air ambulances and commercial medical escorts, as well as specially trained emergency medical and security personnel, ready to launch from both domestic and international locations 24/7. The company most notably differentiates from other players in the market through its commitment to arrange air medical transfer to the member's home country hospital of choice (not just "nearest acceptable"), regardless of medical necessity.  

Air Fleet

Medjet currently partners with 250 private air ambulances in 50 locations across the world. This ensures prompt and quick access to transport in a medical emergency. Minimum aircraft accommodations allow for one critical patient, one family member and medical personnel.  

Medjet requires all aircraft to be twin engine with a minimum of two certified pilots for each aircraft. All affiliates are also required to comply with Medjet liability insurance policy, ensuring all patients recieve service regardless of air transportation costs.

Plan Details and Differentiators

No transport costs limits

No deductibles, no claim forms

Covers pre-existing conditions (up to age 75)

Transfer to a home hospital of your choice 

Hospitalized more than 150 miles from home – minimum for transfers

No medical necessity – transfer to another hospital of their choice in their home country even when facilities are considered adequate.


What’s included with MedjetAssist:

  • Worldwide air medical transport
  • Medical monitoring/ consultation
  • Telephone interpretation
  • Emergency message relay
  • Legal referrals
  • Travel, health and safety precaution information
  • Transfer of mortal remains


What’s included with MedjetHorizon:

MedjetHorizon brings you all the medical transport benefits of the MedjetAssist Membership, plus 24/7 access to a crisis response center for a wide variety of safety threats while traveling. Veteran security experts can provide crisis consultation and coordinated in-country response services related to:

  • Violent Crime
  • Disappearance
  • Terrorism 
  • Political Threat 
  • Natural Disaster 
  • Kidnapping for Ransom 
  • Blackmail and Extortion
  • Hijacking 
  • Wrongful Detention
  • Pandemic

Medjet Horizon is a global rescue travel protection program does not rely on hard triggers but one that places members in control of their personal safety and security.

Medjet Horizon Benefits

  • All medical transport benefits of MedjetAssist membership
  • Travel security and crisis response
  • Specialty hospital transfer
  • Personal travel advisories
  • Emergency Medical Cash Advance access

Fine Print

There are certain limitations in areas covered particularly those with travel restrictions by the United States Department of State. Regular membership allows up to two medical transport per membership year except for repatriation transports involving multiple enrolled family members requiring simultaneous repatriation. Transport restrictions are imposed for individuals suspected of having or have been diagnosed with Biosafety Class Level 3 and above illnesses or diseases by the Center for Disease Control or the National Institutes of Health.

Medjet Summary

Medjet comes highly recommended because it offers the best coverage and does not place cost limits on its transport services. It even offers members the option of transferring to a hospital of their choice when adequate facilities are available in their location. While other companies pose restrictions in terms of facilities to cut their transportation costs, Medjet gives members the freedom to choose to recover at home. All in all, Medjet trumps the competition by a good margin in terms of the services it offers.

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Customer Comments & Reviews

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Lois H
Birmingham, Alabama
I am so grateful to Medjet for the services I received during my recent trip to Hawaii. I had joined a 12-day bird-watching tour in Oahu as a way to see the mountains, shores, and forests of Hawaii. On the first hike with the bird watching group, I slipped and fell on a very muddy path along a ridge and broke my ankle in several places. I was air-lifted out by helicopter and spent 4 days in the hospital. The bird-watching tour moved on, and I was alone. That is where Medjet came in. It was determined that I could not rejoin the tour group and should go home. I contacted Medjet as instructed on my membership card. Medjet provided a medic escort and arranged to for me to be transported... Read More

Norcross, Georgia
On November 12 2016 I sent the following email to the MedjetAssist CEO: Dear Mr. Berger I am writing to inform you of my disappointment in the Medjet Assist service. I recently (on 11 /4 ) spent the night in a national health service clinic in Clifton, Union Island, SVG. The only medical facility on that island. The doctor had minimal equipment but had diagnosed me with pneumonia and CHF. Rather than come to my assistance because the runway was too short, the directions given by Medjet, as we understood them, were go somewhere else with a longer runway, check in to a hospital facility and call. In the morning we checked out of the clinic, picked up some medications at... Read More

Lydia M
Ponchatoula, Louisiana
Bought a 1 yr membership although never thought I'd need with USA travel as my main vacation spots. May 28 flew New Orleans/Orange County for daughter's wedding in Palm Springs. Have had many many trips to this area. 2 days later massive medical emergency. Hospital put me in Hospice, my Dr. In New Orleans told husband to get her home & they would save. MEDJET coordinated everything professionally & precisely. 3hrs 40 min after airlift in Palm Springs I was in MY hospital in New Orleans. Amazing company. All paperwork between hospitals/ambulances/Doctors coordinated quickly & precisely. They saved my life.

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10 / 10
  • Pre-existing conditions covered
  • Home country hospital of choice
  • Access to 250 private air ambulances in 50 locations
  • No medical necessity
  • No costs limits (domestic and international)