Air Rescue Card Medical Air Transport Review

Rating: 6.6 / 10 (Very good)
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Air Rescue Card offers medical evacuation services to travelers through a membership program. Standard plans provide coverage for travelers up to 75 years of age while its senior plan covers travelers 75 years and over. Emergency services include repatriation, hospital transfers and medical evacuation.


Air Fleet

Air Rescue Card works with air charter and air ambulance services staffed by medical professionals trained in emergency health care services. Its air transport services is fully accredited by the Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems.


Plan Details

Individual plans

Family plans

Senior plans

Corporate plans


What’s included with Air Rescue Card:

  • Medical evacuation/ repatriation
  • Evacuation to receive medical treatment
  • We bring you home
  • We bring your family home
  • Return of mortal remains
  • We bring your vehicle home


Additional medical benefits

  • Provide referrals to local preferred providers
  • Dispatch physician or nurse
  • Guarantee hospital admission
  • Make hotel arrangements for your convalescence
  • Deliver medication or medical supplies
  • Replace lost or misplaced medication, eyeglasses or contact lens


Additional travel services

  • Pre-travel information, health and safety recommendations
  • Language translation
  • Arrange for delivery of replacement documents
  • Arrange emergency cash/ bail
  • Relay urgent messages
  • Track/ compensate for lost luggage
  • Provide referrals to local legal resources


Fine Print

Membership is non-refundable after the policy’s effective date. Membership is available for those over 75 years of age but only available under the senior plan. Pre-existing conditions are covered but only after 6 months of the effective date. Benefits are not available for sickness, illness or loss of a member.


Air Rescue Card Summary

Air Rescue Card offers travelers a comprehensive list of benefits that include medical evacuation and repatriation. It makes this available through a variety of plans that cater to individuals, families, seniors and groups.  Air Rescue Card does offer of transporting members to a home hospital but this choice still remains at the sole discretion of the company.


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10 / 10
  • Pre-existing conditions covered
  • Home country hospital of choice
  • Access to 250 private air ambulances in 50 locations
  • No medical necessity
  • No costs limits (domestic and international)