Zenhaven Mattress Review

Rating: 9.1 / 10 (Excellent)
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Zenhaven is a subsidiary of Saatva, a fast-growing online mattress seller with excellent customer feedback. Zenhaven mattresses are hand-crafted in America from Talalay latex, with increased breathability and two types of firmness in one, with extra comfort due to the manufacturing process.

Size and Firmness

Zenhaven mattresses come in all standard sizes:

Twin or Single

Twin XL



Full or Double



California King

What’s particularly special about Zenhaven mattresses is that they incorporate two firmness levels. This means that while one side is their Luxury Plush comfort range, which conforms easily to weight, the other is Gentle Firm, with 18% more firmness while still providing pressure-free support. Since Zenhaven manufacturers vary the size and distribution of the pinholes formed during the Tally process, their mattresses have 5 different levels of density, in order to provide more support for the torso and shoulders, and more delicate results in other zones. 


Zenhaven makes mattresses from American Talalay latex, topped with a layer of 100% organic New Zealand wool, and a 100% organic cotton cover. Their latex’s open cell structure allows air to circulate easily, seven times more breathable than other types, and efficiently countering body heat for a cool night’s sleep. 

Plan Details

Zenhaven is manufactured by Saatva, a quick-growing online mattress seller. They offer an excellent 20 year warranty, with a full replacement at no cost if the mattress is deemed defective within the first two years. Beyond that period, the Saatva company repairs and re-cover the mattress for just a $99 transportation cost, each way. Finally, they also offer a ‘Fairness Replacement Option’, in order to address the most common issue with mattress warranties: the ambiguity as to what caused a defect. With this option, Saatva replaces the mattress for 25% of the original price, within the first 3-5 years, for 50% within years 6 and 10, and finally, 75% of the original price, within years 11 to 20. For each of these options, there is no pick up fee, and only a new delivery fee will be applied. The warranty remains valid unless the mattress is placed on a slatted platform, without the addition of a layer of solid surface, or if the foundation is not supported by a 5- or 6-legged metal bed frame on Queen or King size. It also ceases to apply if bedding has been burned or damaged in any other way. Lastly, normal body impressions (not greater than 3/4”) will not be covered either. Their base, Lineal, has an unprecedented 25-year warranty, in which all parts and labor are covered for the first five years, after which the customer is liable. 

Customer Support and Reputation

Zenhaven, as a subsidiary of Saatva, shares their excellent reputation for outstanding customer service and dedication to supporting their customers needs. Their service representatives don’t work on commission, thereby minimizing the high-pressure tactics common to commission-based salespeople. Saatva has very good online scores with both the Better Business Bureau (A+, as well as an accreditation), and with TrustPilot, (93% positive reviews). 

Our Partner
9.1 / 10
  • American-made, handcrafted of 100% natural American Talalay latex, with 100% organic New Zealand wool and cotton
  • Hypoallergenic, resistant to mold and dust mites, and toxin-free
  • Free White Glove Delivery & Mattress Removal
  • Saves you up to 70%
  • 5-zone comfort layer
  • Two comfort level in the same mattress: Luxury Plush and Gentle Firm
  • 120-day home trial