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Northwestern Mutual Long Term Care Insurance Review

Rating: 9.1 / 10 (Excellent)
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Northwestern Mutual is a rock-solid provider of long term care insurance with sound financial backing. The company offers a comprehensive list of plans and benefits that are up to par with the best plans being offered today.



Northwestern Mutual seems to be on the pricier side compared to other companies offering the same type of plans. Other drawback with Northwestern Mutual is their lack of discounts for people who are in a good state of health as offered by other long term care insurance services. The company’s premiums when compared to similar plans in other companies are around 40 percent more expensive than the lowest priced offers.

An explanation for Northwestern Mutual’s high premiums is because it does not base its computations on initial prices. This is also the reason why it has not increased rates on its existing policy holders.

Northwestern Mutual offers automatic inflation-protection at 3, 4 and 5 percent. This means that a similar plan without inflation-protection which provides $100 daily benefit could be enhanced to $200 daily benefit with inflation-protection. 


Plans Available


State Partnership






Tax qualified Policies



Types of care covered

Assisted living

Nursing home care

Hospice care

Adult day care centers

Home health care



Waiting Period – Service based (elimination period is based on the days when actual service is performed)

Maximum Benefit Period – 3 and 6 years

Home Care – 100 percent cover


Northwestern Mutual’s benefits awards policy holders on a month basis. This makes it easier for policy holders to plan expenses according to their needs. Monthly benefits could be given anywhere between $1500 and $12,000 a month.


Financial Rating

A.M. Best – A++

(The company has demonstrated superior overall performance and has a very strong ability to meet its obligations to policyholders over a long period of time.)



Northwestern Mutual might seem to be an expensive choice at first glance but it is one of the few companies that have been able to resist asking their policy holders for premium increases. Overall, Northwestern Mutual is a good bet when it comes to choosing a long term care insurance provider. With solid financial ratings, you can be sure that the company will be there in your senior years when you need it.


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Customer Comments & Reviews

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Suzanne p
Boston, Massachusetts
Have owned a northwestern mutual policy since 2011 and have accepted all annual increases with no question. The increase this year, was the usual annual increase and an astronomical increase they claimed is due to rising healthcare costs and policy owners living longer. Northwestern mutual stated in the letter, this increase may be "unsettling". It made the policy totally unaffordable !

Helmut A
Manitowoc, Wisconsin
After stable premiums for the past 9 years we have been hit this year with a premium increase of 30% with the option to reduce benefits. Not what we expected based on previous reviews.

Bill L
Alpharetta, Georgia
Rates are OK for men; Rates are extremely high for female applicants. No Preferred health discounts. Limited benefit period options. No Shared Coverage riders. There are better policy values. Mass Mutual, for example.

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