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Home Warranty Plans – Which Appliances Need Coverage?

NickMay 2, 2014

The number of items covered in home warranty plans often defines the amount of premium to be paid. Some homeowners often make the mistake of opting for a home warranty plan just because it has a cheaper premium. This sadly leaves them with home warranty plans that are useless when common home systems of appliances break down or needs replacement.

Home warranty plans that provide good coverage for home systems and appliances need not be expensive. Why pay higher premiums to pay for extra coverage if you don’t have these in your homes in the first place. The most ideal way is to check which home warranty plans match you needs and then compare premiums accordingly.

Home Warranty Plans – Basic Appliances Covered

Home warranty plans provide coverage for basic home systems and appliances. But one quick way to determine which appliances should receive coverage in home warranty plans then think of items that are used daily in your homes.

  • Refrigerators

Coverage includes repairs or replacement of vital parts needed for the normal operation of your refrigerator. Causes should be attributed to normal wear and tear. Non-integral parts such as shelves, ice makes, ice crushers, water dispensers and removable accessories are not covered. There is also a limit to the number of refrigerators are covered. Usually, kitchen refrigerators are referred to in home warranty plans. If your home contains more than one refrigerator, additional coverage is available. However, this is an additional feature and a corresponding premium is required.

  • Clothes Washers and Dryers 

Home warranty plans that cover clothes washers and dryers only include repair or replacement of major parts and components that break down due to normal wear and tear. This does not cover other parts and accessories such as knobs and dials, soap dispensers, hooks, shelves and touch pads.  

  • Ranges/ Ovens/ Cook tops

Coverage is for repair and replacement of parts and components essential in normal functioning. But this should be due to normal wear and tear. Coverage does not extend towards accessories such as racks, knobs, dials and light sockets. Clocks can also be included if it could be proven that it is important for can affect the oven’s functioning.

  • Dishwashers

Home warranty plans for dishwashers include repair and replacement of parts and components breaking down due to normal wear and tear. It does not cover removable accessories, racks, rollers and baskets.

  • Built-in Microwave Ovens

Coverage does not include shelves, door glass, counter top units, assemblies and other accessories. This only covers parts and components damaged due to normal wear and tear.

  • Trash Compactors

Removable buckets and other accessories are not covered. Only parts and components required for normal operation are covered under home warranty plans.

Home Warranty Plans and Common Appliances Covered

Home warranty plans are an excellent way of helping us during costly appliance repairs and replacements. Some even have a Green feature that replaces this with energy star compliant appliances. One thing to remember is that coverage is only limited to damage due to normal wear and tear. There is also a limit on how much your plan could cover in a year so be sure to keep your appliances in optimum condition. Having appliance cover has its limits so be sure to check your policy for terms and conditions.