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Home Security System Reviews

NickMay 26, 2014

Home security systems are a great way of protecting one of our biggest investments. Our houses are physical structures that protect our other investments (appliances, furniture and car). It also serves as our family’s home making it essential to keep it safe at all times.


Response Times and Monitoring Center

Our home security reviews take into account a company’s reaction time when an alarm is sent. After all, the heart and soul of any home security system is the company’s monitoring center.

Time is essential during any emergency. How fast your home security company responds to this emergency can prevent a crime or limit your losses. Much of this depends on your home security provider’s monitoring center and its staff.   


Monitoring Center – What to look for

  • Industry certified  
  • Owned and operated  
  • Professionally staff
  • Cellular connection  
  • Two-way communication


Premium and Services

There are many things to consider during home security reviews. And one important factor is the amount of premium. But when considering which home security provider is the best, companies are not solely judged on the price tag of the services they offer.

When it comes to any type of service, the quality of coverage depends on the plan’s premium. The secret to getting the best price service is to first assess your home security requirements. There’s no use enrolling in a premium plan when all you need are a few motion detectors and cameras. What’s more disappointing is having an entry-level home security plan that is only good in paper.


Security Equipments

Home security equipments have greatly benefited from new technology. But some of the “cutting-edge” equipments being used are not exactly new. In fact these have been available in the last few decades but the costs of these systems have gone down significantly making them available for home security systems.  

  • Wireless technology
  • With backup batteries
  • High-resolution cameras
  • Home-automation capable control panel
  • Mobile Apps


Contract length and Installation Costs

Modern home security equipments have made it easier and cheaper to install these systems in our homes. Our home security reviews have shown that some of these companies even offer self installation systems for DIY enthusiasts.

Home security providers also offer free installation and hardware making enrollment in a home security plan cost-effective. Switching to another home security company is also now easier since some providers allow you to work with your old equipment.


Customer Support and Reviews

We all know the great lengths that companies go when selling their products. But the true colors of these companies show long after the ink has dried on your home security plan. Home security system reviews show how these companies react to customer complaints or how they handle paying customers.  

A simple way of looking at these is by checking out Better Business Bureau (BBB). The site gives an overview of each company and rates them accordingly.


Home security reviews serve as a guide when making that decision to enroll in a home security plan. This makes it easier for you to make a decision based on each company’s merits.