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Home Alarm Systems

NickMay 23, 2014

Some homeowners try to shun away from the idea of having home alarm systems because they say that it is an unnecessary expense and why bother when you are living in a secured neighborhood.

Locks and fences function as physical barriers that prevent unauthorized entry into your home. But doors could be unlocked and windows could be broken. These structures could be compromised hence the need for home alarm systems.

Home alarm systems create an added layer of protection to your home’s physical barriers. It alerts you of unauthorized entry into your home. Unlike doors and windows that end its protection once it has been broken into or compromised, home alert systems are harder to crack.  


Home Alarm Systems – New Features

The most effective home alarm systems are those that have managed to keep a step ahead of present and future threats. And much of this progress has been achieved with the help of cutting-edge technology. Modern home alarm systems have become multi-faceted that these don’t only serve for home security purposes. Functions include home automation and even acts as a medical alert system.


Cellular connection – traditional home security systems required wires running from your home to a home security system provider’s monitoring center. This used phone lines then later switched to internet cables. Physical connections could be cut and criminals could go around even the most sophisticated home security systems by disabling the connection.

Cellular connections are the logical choice for creating more secure home security systems. This is also great for homes that are beyond the coverage of phone lines.


Mobile Apps – gain access to your home alarm system through your smart phone or tablet. Make your mobile device an extension of your home alarm system by installing these apps. Engage or disengage your home alarm systems with a few taps on your device. These apps also come with features that allow you to receive live feeds from home cameras or download images.


Video Surveillance – cameras add another layer of protection to traditional home security systems. They don’t only help you monitor certain areas in your home but also record videos. Cameras are very effective in deterring crime. The mere presence of this security equipment can make people think twice before committing a crime.

Modern home alarm systems can make full use of this video surveillance equipment. Homeowners could easily access live streaming videos through any device connected to the internet.


Home Automation – today’s home alarm systems have gone beyond preventing theft or break-ins. These also have functions similar to home automation systems. Home alarm systems have home automation features that could control lights, thermostats and appliances. Just like your home alarm system, all of these features could be accesses through your mobile device or smart phone.


Wireless devices – get rid of cumbersome wires and connections, modern home security equipments can now be interconnected wirelessly. Home alarm equipments could now be installed anywhere in or around your home without worrying about wires or hard connections.


DIY Home Alarm Systems – modern alarm systems are easier to install and generally do not require professional installation services. Wireless systems for example only require a steady power source and the right positioning. The home alarm system is connected through a cellular connection which can easily be activated in the monitoring system.

Fire, smoke, medical alert features – home alarm systems are not only cheaper but it also provides other non-traditional features to make it more cost-effective. Modern home alarm systems are now capable of detecting a myriad of home emergencies and could even function as a medical alert system.


Modern Home Alarm Systems

Modern home alarm systems are simply better because of the equipment that it uses. The best home alarm systems now utilize cutting-edge equipments that are able to detect not only home intruders but also other home emergencies (smoke, fire). Home alarm systems also double for home automation that not only is good for securing your home but also more energy efficient.