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Why Mark & Laura Got a Home Security System

NickMar 22, 2015

When Mark and Laura bought their first home in Bellevue, Washington, a suburb 20 minutes east of Seattle, their thoughts were focused on paint samples, yard landscaping and furniture placement. It wasn't until several months after moving in, when Mark was on a business trip, that he received the call.

It was late afternoon and a call from an unfamiliar number popped up on his phone. On the other end of the line was a representative from their home security company who explained that the police were being dispatched to their home in response to the alarm going off. What happened? Where's Laura? Are the kids okay? His heart raced. 

With the representative still on the line, Mark quickly called Laura who was over at her mom’s with the kids. Laura rushed home, leaving the children with her mother, and when she arrived the police were waiting for her. The burglar had tried to enter the house through the back door, but had disturbed the sensor setting off the alarm, and causing the burglar to run off.

“I kept thinking about what would have happened if he'd gotten into the house. With our 12-year-old terrier, Bishop, at home what would have happened to him if the burglar had come into the house? Or, worse yet what if the kids had been home alone? I don’t even want to think about that” Laura said afterwards. Thanks to their home security system, Laura never had to find out answers to any of those terrifying what if scenarios.

Mark & Laura almost didn't choose to get a system though. 

Growing up, Laura and her family had a home security system, but no one ever used it, and no one ever needed it. As a result, a home security system wasn’t a major priority for her. “If you have a system and you never need it, after awhile it just seems like a waste of money,” she'd always thought. “But now that I’m the parent, and it’s my job to keep my kids safe, it's different. Peace of mind is invaluable.”

Mark, on the other hand, was impressed with the new technology and loved the idea of being able to automate his home, keeping a careful watch over his home and family even when on a business trip. “Safety is definitely a factor for us, however, I’ll admit that sately alone is what sold me on the system we got. We live in a really safe area, that’s why we bought our home. I was in it for the gadgets” he says with a laugh.

Thankfully Mark & Laura's real estate agent was strong in her recommendation that they get a home security system. Adding a security system, their real estate agent said, would provide additional safety, because even in the safest neighborhoods, break-ins & burglaries still happen. Little did they know just how important that decision would prove to be. 

Today, a little over a year later, Mark & Laura still live in the same neighborhood. They love the big yard they have for their dog, the great school district for their children, and the peace of mind that their family is protected should another break-in ever happen.