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mysimpleshow.com - DIY Video Presentations Made Easy

Michael Shannon O’KeefeSep 25, 2017

Educating one’s audience is becoming more complicated as the speed of our online lives increase. With the influx of multitudes of media, it has become exceedingly difficult to capture the attention of our listeners long enough to instruct them. Gone are the days when a printed pamphlet or PowerPoint presentation were sufficiently entertaining for an audience to retain the information presented to them. In this era of short attention spans, a presentation now needs to boast full production value—i.e., audio, visual, originality—to be considered current and informative. While there are many DIY video creation services available online, ConsumersAdvocate.org finds the most successful, professional, and educational website to be mysimpleshow.

mysimpleshow (source)

There are many different aspects as to why mysimpleshow is a cut above the rest as a DIY video editing tool. Their first achievement lies in their simple yet poignant graphics. While other sites may offer more colorful stock graphics and a greater range of animation options, many seem to have set their sights higher than their processing power, and in doing so made their user interfaces clunky and frustrating to use. mysimpleshow, on the other hand, utilizes sharp, contrasting black and white graphics with thick, clearly defined lines. The uncomplicated visuals get straight to the point, educating the audience without creating too much of a distraction. The human hands wiping the slate clean may initially seem cumbersome for some users, yet the majority will quickly find them a welcome feature that provides an organic element to the presentation that other sites fail to deliver.

mysimpleshow (source)

Another accomplishment from mysimpleshow is the audio program. While the number of voice options are somewhat limited at this time, having a professional voice-over artist bring your project to life truly elevates the project. Although the audio can sometimes sound a little more digital than preferred, the content of the presentation will be easily attained by your audience. Producing a voice-over is much harder than one thinks - with the combination of acoustics, recording hardware, editing, and actual talent, they rarely come to a professional level of fruition. mysimpleshow offers an inexpensive alternative to those who have yet to use voice-overs to heighten their projects and many will find it can significantly simplify and enhance their presentations.

mysimpleshow (source)

There are many other triumphs for mysimpleshow—a flexible pricing structure, eye catching graphics, adaptable options, etc.—but their most valuable feature is that the videos actually work and serve their intended purpose. As a DIY professional and educational video creation tool, mysimpleshow offers an innovative alternative in an industry overrun by bland PowerPoint presentations. If your goal is to provide information succinctly and attractively at an affordable price, mysimpleshow is the way to go.