Memorial Day - 2017

Scott SmithMay 27, 2017

In observance of Memorial Day, we pay our respects to those who have sacrificed their lives defending our freedom.

Although many have come to consider Memorial Day weekend as the official kickoff to summer, its meaning is much deeper and its roots date back to the end of the Civil War in May 1865.

Memorial Day is about being grateful for those that gave us the very freedom we enjoy with family and friends during this extended weekend.

Remember that on Memorial Day, the American flag should be hung at half-staff until noon, and then raised to the very top of the staff.

At, we'd all like to take this opportunity to salute all the women and men serving in the Armed Forces. 

Special thanks to retired army man, Emmanuel Enrique Dextre, for having the United States Army make the uniform for Sammy in the above picture.