Dental Insurance Plans

Carol N - Senior Editor, May 06, 2014
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Dental procedures might not get the same attention as other medical treatments but this should not be ignored as treatments could be as expensive. Dental insurance plans work to make dental treatments cheaper by covering all or sharing in our expenses. Just like health insurance, dental insurance plans are based on treatments and financial coverage is charged accordingly.

Why Dental Insurance Plans?

Dental insurance plans help you take charge of your oral health. Oral health may not grab the same limelight as other health diseases but poor oral health could be a major and chronic cause of pain. Many of us overlook the importance of routinely visiting our dentist simply because they are not part of our budget.

Fact, gingivitis is the most common disease. Yes, poor gum health may not be as life threatening as heart disease but it affects more people than any other disease. It causes bad breath (halitosis) and could lead to tooth loss. Just imagine the embarrassment of having bad breath and not having that smile because you’ve lost a couple of your front teeth.

Dental insurance plans promote oral health by covering preventive and basic treatments. Some dental insurance plans offer preventive services and other routine checkups for free and provide good coverage for basic treatments. By having your regular checkups you are able to avoid costly dental treatments in the future.

Shopping for Dental Insurance Plans

Before shopping for dental insurance plans we should first identify our specific dental needs. Having great coverage is ideal but this also comes with a premium price. There’s no use enrolling in a dental insurance plan that provides coverage for dental braces when you don’t need them anymore. Once you have identified this you could now check dental insurance plans and compare them to your needs.

Information is readily available online and checking our 10 Best Dental Insurance list could give you a good idea of where to start. It contains the best dental insurance companies and even provides you an easy way to compare what their dental insurance plans bring.

Important Things to Consider

Premiums will always be a top consideration when shopping for dental insurance. But the true price of dental insurance is not what we pay before we get insured but the true cost of dental treatment. Why save a couple of dollars by enrolling in a cheaper dental insurance plan when you could save hundreds of dollars on yearly treatments by paying a little bit more premium?

Network – begin your search by checking a dental insurance provider’s network. Is it available in your area or how extensive is their dental network. You could get cheaper treatment by simply working with a network dentist. This is because network-dentists work with insurance companies to provide lower fees compared to non-network dentists. You are now able to save on the cost of each treatment even before you use your dental insurance.   

Annual Maximum – this refers to the maximum amount reimbursed in a covered year. A higher annual maximum and higher coverage translates to better dental care and more treatments.

Cost of treatment – procedures are divided into three major categories (preventive, basic and major procedures. Dental insurance plans promote better dental health. Preventive and basic treatments have higher coverage compared to major procedures. This is to encourage preventive treatment and avoid costly major procedures. The amount/ percentage of coverage also increase with each year a policy holder is enrolled.

Premiums – dental insurance plans and their premiums are based mainly on the amount of coverage it provides. Premiums should be considered only after considering the three factors mentioned above. When different dental insurance plans are almost equal in terms of network, annual maximum and treatment costs then this is the only time a decision based on its premium should be made.         






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