The Credit Pros Credit Repair Review

Rating: 9.4 / 10 (Excellent)
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The Credit Pros provide professional credit repair services for clients across the United States. The company offers a unique pay per deletion service that only charges you once a negative item has been removed. The Credit Pros implements a series of actions that starts with one on one consultation and includes unlimited disputes and good will letters to improve your credit profile.

Years in operation

Since 2008

BBB Rating: A+


Plan Details


Individual Monthly Enrollment: $179 Enrollment and $99 per month
Couple Monthly Enrollment: $279 Enrollment and $159 per month
Pay For Results Plan: $379 per individual and $579 per couple for the first payment, and $100 per confirmed deletion per bureau. $150 for public records.

Type of contract


Refund/ cancellation policy

Cancel anytime

Online registration








One on one consultation with a FICO certified professional

Unlimited disputes

Debt validation letters to creditors

Goodwill letters to creditors

Cease and desist letters to collection agencies

24/7 access to client portal

Registered and bonded

Per deletion and monthly plans

ID theft restoration and insurance included


Support Services

One-on-one consultation

24/7 access to client portal


The Credit Pros Summary

The Credit Pros require a $179 enrollment fee for individual monthly enrollment, but this is a common practice among credit repair services. A pay-per deletion option is available for those who are unsure if this type of program can work for them. But this could prove to be more expensive since a fee is charged per deleted item for each credit bureau.  The Credit Pros offers one-on-one consultations, ensuring that your case is handled by a FICO certified professional.       

Our Partner
9.4 / 10
  • Unlimited disputes
  • Money back guarantee
  • Pay per deletion
  • ID theft restoration and insurance
  • One-on-one consultation with a FICO certified professional

Latest The Credit Pros Reviews

Morningstar K
Phoenix, Arizona

I absolutely adore The Credit Pros! I'm thankful to have found a company that's dedicated to enhancing the credit profiles of its clients. I've personally had several items deleted form my credit report in LESS than 30 days -yay! :)"

Neliswa L
Phoenix, Arizona

At first I was really skeptical if it would really work. I am a skeptical person and articles I read talk about credit repair not working. But something just told me to have faith and in the end it all worked out for the best.

Maximillion H
Los Angeles, California

They are really great when it comes to credit restoration. We made a good decision when we started the credit repair service with them two months ago. I am impressed by the success that they have had. I have seen my credit scores increase in a short time.

minjui l
Ashburn, Virginia

They are the greatest with regards to credit repair. At first I was not certain if the Credit Pros could really aid me but after being with this firm a little over 45 days, my score has elevated and they have just started with my case. I look forward to the conclusion of my credit file and I do not plan to go backward. As I have learned the hard way that bad credit makes life tough.

mayme w
Ashburn, Virginia

My account credit standing is definitely moving on up! After only the first round 15 items were deleted from my credit reports! My experience is really great as my credit credit scores have gone up in a steady pace. If this going to continue its gonna change my life in the rate it's going. From the bottom of my heart thank you for the work that you put into my case.

fransisca r
Ashburn, Virginia

I just love the work the credit pros invested in my case. I'm so enthusiastic on how the procedure is going in my favor. I can tell you after a few months credit disputes where all fixed to the best possible result for our case. After 5 months, my wife's credit was worthy enough for us to procure a home!! We decently thought this would take about a year truthfully.

ji k
Miami, Florida

They are awesome and the very professional company to work with. Credit Pros does exactly what they say they are going to do. I am very grateful that I decided to go with them as a repair company for my credit standing issues.

Los Angeles, California

"Satisfied Customer" I had several items incorrectly reported on my credit report. As promised, Credit Pros had the items successfully deleted. There was an immediate positive effect on my credit score. Thanks, Credit Pros!

Binghamton, New York

I agree with Felix I've been with this company since Feb 2017 It is now May 2017. They haven't removed one thing from my credit for taking my money after almost a $200 down payment (that should have been a red flag to me) The only way I got rid of them was to change my banking info then I got contacted by them when they couldn't withdraw anymore funds. All they did was send dispute letters I did that and it didn't cost me a dime. They also try to make more money by making you sign up for a credit monitoring service for another 20 dollars a month to get your so called audit information. I wouldn't recommend these people to anyone. Credit Pros where is my 100% satisfaction guarantee you... Read More

Grand Forks, North Dakota

Worst company ever for months they couldn't remove a medical bill from five year old I think Lexington Law does a way better job I do not know why they got do not know why they got a perfect score was the credit bureau's a BBB so for me I don't think they deserve not even one star do not join this company you're better off disputing it yourself they'll rob you blind

Little Rock, Arkansas

worst company ever avoid at all costs.

Greg D
Seaside, California

The Credit Pros really impressed me. I signed up for the $179 plan after checking out their reviews, how they work, and comparing them to other credit services. Right away I got access to my portal and a look at my complete credit report. When the rep called for my initial consultation, she was clear and helpful. She told me that my credit was good.. She told me that basically all I needed was to pay down my balances. The Credit Pros refunded my $179 ! I believe that they would have been inexpensive and efficient in removing most bad marks if I had them. This company really cares !