Sky Blue Credit Repair Review

#3 in Credit Repair

One of the best known companies in the industry, Sky Blue has offered credit repair services for over two decades. Their program includes fully-managed credit bureau disputes and personalized FICO score improvement advice. Sky Blue is well-known for prompt and helpful customer support. Their low price combined with their streamlined, user-friendly program, make Sky Blue an outstanding value and excellent choice for credit repair.

Years in operation

Since 1989

BBB Rating: A+


Plan Details


$59 initial fee/ $59 per month

Special for couples - $99 review and setup/ $99 per month

Type of Contract

Month to month

Refund/ Cancellation Policy

  • Full 90 day money-back guarantee
  • Cancel anytime

Online Registration


Phone Registration



  • Credit Repair Organization Act
  • Registered with Attorney General Offices
  • Bonded



Upon completing the signup process, an email is sent with instructions on how to get your 3 credit bureau report. When you receive them, Sky Blue conducts a line-by-line review of all items and identifies dispute candidates for you. The company also sends tips on how to improve your FICO score if applicable.

Sky Blue then challenges erroneous items with the credit bureaus and reports back to you as updates occur. If challenges are not settled favorably, Sky Blue automatically sends re-disputes until satisfactory results are achieved.

  • Free consultation
  • Expert credit report review
  • Credit bureau disputes
  • Custom FICO Score Tips

Support Services

  • Email
  • Phone support

Sky Blue Summary

Sky Blue Credit Repair has more than two decades of experience in helping people clean up their credit reports and increase their credit scores. They provide clients with a complete credit report review, identify dispute opportunities, and offer custom FICO score improvement tips. Their unusual hassle-free 90 day refund policy provides an extra level of comfort when getting started, while their excellent customer service, and proven track record of removing disputed items makes Sky Blue one of our editor's top choices in the credit repair industry.

Latest Reviews

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Frank F.
Sky Blue Credit Repair review
Sky Blue is a great company. Super easy to work with and we got great results very quickly. They gave excellent service and zero pressure on the sales side. Go for it.

Michael Moutray
Pocatello, Idaho
Sky Blue Credit Repair review
This site is very easy to navigate through and is very easily understood. I'm very satisfied with the help that I received and actions that were taken immediately, will recommend this to anyone who wants help repairing their credit

Doug B
Salem, Oregon
Sky Blue Credit Repair review
I was very skeptical about what Sky Blue could do for me, but I'm middle aged with so/so credit, with extensive history, and they offer a 100% money back guarantee, so I decided to give it a try. They absolutely came thru from what they promised; they had turned 80% from negative to positive reporting or the credit agency eliminated the bad reported items all together. Within the last 7 months I've attempted & focussed to pay down down dept and drive up my score to buy a house. It was working, but with Sky Blues Help, my score has jumped up over 130 pts in that time. The rest is up to me to be responsible from here on out. Sky Blue is well worth the 2-3 months (what I did) to get the majority of my past negative history off my reports. 5/5 stars for me.