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Pyramid Credit Repair is a software based credit repair service that specializes in helping people improve their credit score by removing negative items in their credit report. It is a performance based service that requires no long term contracts and allows clients to cancel anytime without charges. Pyramid Credit Repair offers a personal account manager, real-time status updates and an online dashboard for easy access to progress and updates.


Plan Details


Pyramid Starter Kit $149 ($99.95 limited time discount offer)

  • $59.95 per month

Couples Pyramid Kit $279 ($149.95 limited time discount offer)


Type of Contract

Month to month

Refund/ Cancellation Policy

Cancel anytime

Online Purchase


Phone Registration




Your credit repair services at Pyramid Credit Repair starts with ordering your Pyramid Starter Kit or Couples Pyramid Kit. You can receive this in the mail within 2 business days. This is a software based credit repair service so you have to install this on a computer.

Included in your Pyramid or Couple Starter Kit are:

  • Live personal account manager
  • Access to your 3 credit bureau reports
  • Cloud-based online dashboard
  • Real-time status reports
  • Score tracker and analysis

During installation, step by step instructions are given for getting your credit reports from the three credit bureaus. Once installed the software will ask for your signup information and register you in the service.

A personal account manager is available for support and personally responsible for handling your account. Together, you will then determine the best course of action for improving your credit score. Your personal account manager identifies erroneous entries in your credit report and challenge this. They act as advocates talking and negotiating with your creditors to remove negative items in your report. Items include:

  • Charge-offs
  • Liens
  • Collections
  • Late payments
  • Bankruptcies
  • Late payments
  • Repossessions
  • Judgments
  • Foreclosures


Support Services

Pyramid Credit Repair gives you live access to your personal account manager. Which ensures that your account gets full attention and is not passed around.

  • Personal account manager
  • Telephone
  • Email

Pyramid Credit Repair Summary

Pyramid Credit Repair requires no long-term contracts and clients could easily cancel their services anytime. A major concern however, is that it requires clients to purchase a Starter Kit which at $149 can be a considerable investment. One good thing going for the company is that it offers a personal account manager to handle the process. This means that your concerns get the full attention until it is successfully resolved in your favor.





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alex k
Hluboka Nad Vltavou, Jihocesky kraj
What an super company and prompt too. I couldn't have asked for a better service and educated staff. Communications were educational, informative and hopeful and my husband and I are excited to be working with them.

Tom M
Los Angeles, California
The Big Pro: I recently just finished my first round with them. I was actually shocked at how amazingly well the service worked. I had a lot of old collection account from ECMC, Sallie Mae and a bankruptcy. In 1 round most of the collection accounts were removed and my score went from about 651 to 698. The con: I got the kit and I had to set it up initially on my computer. After the set up though, it was pretty easy going and the Dispute managers they have were very helpful. I loved that I could do it all in the privacy of my home. The packaging was great because went it came in the mail, it was a plain box and no one was able to tell what the package was. I don't mind telling... Read More

Sarah P
North Hollywood, California
I found out about Pyramid Credit Repair a few months back and I've been exceptionally pleased with their service and support. Thanks to my friend and her referring me, I now get approved for credit cards again.

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