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Lexington Law was one of the first companies to offer credit repair services in the US. With decades of experience in the credit repair industry, Lexington law is able to effectively improve credit scores by removing negative credit items.

Founded by a group of lawyers and credit experts, the law firm was created to address the concerns of consumers who were searching for credit repair services. Since then, Lexington Law has served over half a million clients, helping them to remove millions of negative items on their credit profiles.

Years in Operation

Since 1991

Plan Details


Concord Premier $99.95 initial fee, $99.95 per month

Concord Standard $99.95 initial fee, $79.95 per month

Type of Contract

Month to month

Refund/ Cancellation Policy

Cancel anytime

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  • Credit Repair Organization Act
  • Registered with Attorney General Offices
  • Bonded


To start out you'll need to obtain copies of your credit reports from the three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) and submit them to Lexington Law. (They can help you obtain these when you sign up.) Then, there is an online "Dispute Valet" feature that lets you choose which negative items you would like to dispute. Lexington Law representatives are available to assist you in determining this throughout the entire process.

After completing the Dispute Valet service, Lexington Law will send disputes to the different credit bureaus, asking them to supply verified and accurate details about the negative items in question. Credit bureaus have 30 days to investigate disputes and supply you with results and an updated credit report. Upon receiving the report, clients are requested to send it to Lexington Law for evaluation and continue with the dispute process if it remains unresolved in your favor.

Lexington Law features:

  • One simple monthly fee for all services, including communication with credit bureaus, verification requests, and unlimited disputes on questionable credit items
  • Non-confrontational intervention with creditor for customers who are late with payments
  • For very late accounts, creditor intervention that requests full documentation of compliance with consumer protection statutes and credit reporting revisions
  • For charged-offs and collection accounts, demands complete accounting of the listing’s full substantiation or appropriate revision
  • Immediately gathers your credit information upon completion of engagement agreement
  • Trans Union credit monitoring
  • Sends email alerts if there are any changes on your credit reports which could positively or negatively affect your credit score
  • Firm prepared letters for each questionable inquiry you designate
  • Monthly credit score improvement analysis
  • $25,000 Identity theft insurance


Support Services

Lexington Law’s support representatives can be reached via toll-free phone service, email, and online chat. Support is available 24/7.

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  • Phone
  • Chat support


Lexington Law Summary

Lexington Law is a reliable and experienced credit repair service that can guarantee results. It has helped clients improve their credit scores for more than two decades by using time tested procedures. Along with its credit repair services, Lexington Law also offers identity theft protection to safeguard your credit profile even further. By working with one of the credit repair industry’s most trusted and oldest brands, clients searching for credit repair services or hoping to improve their credit scores can be rest assured that, given enough time, Lexington Law will deliver.      

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9.7 / 10
  • Most Results of Any Credit Repair Law Firm
  • Clients Saw Over 9 Million Negative Items Removed From Their Credit Reports in 2016
  • Have Helped More Than 500,000 Clients With Credit Repair
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Latest Lexington Law Reviews

Miami, Florida

HORRIBLE DECISION!! I regret ever having contacted them. They dragged my case on for months and got nothing accomplished. They have different levels of service and they had sold me their $119 a month level, the most expensive. You WILL never get through to anyone about your case. They answer your call on the first ring if you're calling to enroll and they're as nice as can be, but after they get your money....you mean nothing to them. Go anywhere else but here for credit repair.

Courtney D
Chicago, Illinois

After talking to one of your representatives I’ve decided not to go threw Lexington Law because he was very rude, after seeing your reviews I’ve decided not to go threw you all, and after talking to my attorney I most definitely won’t be using you all and maybe if the customer service representatives wasn’t so rude it wouldn’t draw up suspension

Newark, New Jersey

I paid for four months $120 and I never saw that they removed anything from my credit report . You have to dispute the hard inquianiry yourself. Every time I called after a long wait (30 mint or more) they answer my call and they never knew anything about my case. So I as for refund they refuse to give the money back or a credit for the service so I ends up canceling the membership. THIEVES! SCAMMERS!!! yo pague por cuatro meses $120 y nunca vi que removieron nada de mi credito. Tu mismo tienes que disputar los hard inquianiry. Cada ves que llamava tenia que esperar mas de 30 minutos y ellos nunca sabian nada de mi caso. Ni un reemborso recivi ni credito por el servicio so termine... Read More

Safdar k
Chicago, Illinois

I’m one of your client since last 12-13 months. I’m paying $119.95 per month. Even though my profile shows that my accounts has been settled or charged off but still I receive letters. And in one case which is 8 years old from my property after a short sale bank send me a letter that I’m $0.00 owe to bank I don’t know what these people does they are also asking me to send the details to settle my account. I’m very disappointed with these people and their services. So please kindly think 100 times before getting in their net.

Dallas, Texas

I was using Lexington for the past few months for one negative thing on my report. After hiring you my credit score has go from the 700s to 600s. Don’t understand this

David F
Edmonds, Washington

So based on the reviews I will not go with lex a 2nd time. I had 6 things on my credit report in 2015 I got them removed by lex. 2 of those things came back last year. How is it possible to get something removed and then it comes back? That's BS. I had seen on equifax and Trans Union that they were gone for about 2 years. Wtf is up with that? Is it legal for them to come back?

Brandon, Florida

I am most definitely not using this service. When I called and talked to a rep and gave my info, he read to me a few disclaimers on if I wanted to be contacted by email or text I said no and he said that was fine. I asked him what is the % of reports coming back after they were removed.. he advised me he hasn’t seen this in the years he has worked for the company and how everyone is so satisfied. I wake up this morning to not only marketing text messsges but emails as well. Obviously we already started off on a bad foot. I looked online to read the reviews and I can’t believe there’s so many unhappy happy. I hope you all Read this because of you all, I will not be waisting my money with... Read More

Nicole J
Baltimore, Maryland

Not pleased at all. Waste of money. I've been with LL for 6 months. Signed up for the 79.99 deal with the First 60 days free. After the 60 days They took $99.99 one week later they took $79.99 two weeks later they took $120 out of my account. After getting my refund and my monthly payment amount right they help remove A few negative items off of my credit report but they were put right back on

Pratt M
Denver, Colorado

Been with Lexington over a year now. Very minimal results made, I have to do a lot of the mailings and despiting on my own, and they don't challenge a whole lot.

Karen D
Enfield, Connecticut

I was totally impressed with Lexington Law. Anyone interested.in their RICA score shouldn't.hesitate to call them. And take advantage of their chatting ability! I would highly recommend.them to family and friends, they were kind and very knowledgeable. Karen in Ct.x

Deda b
Baltimore, Maryland

Lexington is trash!going on 3 months in they have done nothing!I paid off my credit cards which they didn't advise..and my score went up some..waste of time and money for only 5 things on my reports..they have been nooooo help to me..just a extra bill!BAD BAD BAD PEOPLE!!!!IF I COULDVE GAVE THEM NO STARS..I WOULD HAVE

Nate H
Fort Worth, Texas

I used them in the past. They only went after small balances then told me an item was removed & it wasn't. I was skeptical of these reviews because most people on here with bad credit don't really know how to get through life & that's why their credit is bad in the first place. This company charges too much & takes advantage of ignorant people. I would stay away from this company.

Heather H
Lakeland, Florida

DO NOT GO WITH THESE PEOPLE! I just canceled my membership. They are shady. They don't provide your credit scores (except for Fico.) I asked about this because they "show" positive and negative marks on your report. And that is what they are suppose to go after. They couldn't provide my scores because they do not have an agreement with Experian and Equifax. And they couldn't at this time provide my score for Fico because they didn't have enough information. I asked why other places get an instant score. They said that each company runs the information differently. After thirty minutes of communicating with someone that went by the name of Kyle I asked to have my plan canceled. The price... Read More

Billy J
Newport, Kentucky

They drag out your process to make more $$$. 3 years to get 6 items removed from the debt reports. Cost thousands.

Alexis A
Detroit, Michigan

This company took 600 dollars from me and removed one thing that was the literally smallest item on my list and after I cancelled my subscription I still had to pay the following now that I've been removed from their firm 3months later I just found out there still deducting a monthly fee from my visa, not sure if this is all on purpose our not? But I am not happy with Lexington Law at all, not worth it besides that I can't ever get a hold of anyone at there office I tried every source possible they need help over there, serious help

Dacula, Georgia

Worst company EVER!!! How did you make it to the top10 credit repair companies? I had Lexington Law for 1 year and they removed 2 items from my credit report but my score didn't budge!! I switched to FES Financial Education Services and I got my student loans deleted in 40 days!!! Now that is results. I signed my husband up with FES and his bankruptcy and tax lien was removed in 30 days!!! Not to mention, 11 other services at no additional cost and way less expensive than you guys charge. Lexington Law, ya'll need to step your game up!!! Thank you FES! www.myfes.net/jwilliams64 tell her I sent you!

Goshen, Indiana

I am very happy i got involved with Lexington Law Ive only been with them goin on 2 months and already things have been getting done and my scores have went up. Pretty awesome place, and they care.

Orlando, Florida

Put in a request for info. they called me multiple times a day until i gave them my debit card info! Then crickets.. Guy was supposed to call me back in a couple hours when my transunion report downloaded and come up with a game plan. Days later no call.. So i called to cancel and the man who answered said they are not an outbound call service. Basically I told him paying 120 bucks a month was too much money if dude cant keep his word and call me like he said he would So glad I cancelled. Cant imagine doing business with someone who cant respect my money!!

Wendy D
Concord, North Carolina

Worst $800.00 plus dollars ever ripped off 😒I spent $119.00 7 months and I honestly didn't get 1 negative item removed 😨😩they were busting butt on my 76 year old mom's case ,they removed like 20 and we signed up same time 😱😱😱😱heck i even dropped her's down to $59.00 monthly 🏦 bankruptcy still can't get a loan but still 😒, maybe it's because she's elderly 😳 anyway I call tell them I want out ASAP!They say they gonna charge me $49.00 for the 1 week work they claimed to have done😒I honest to God don't believe they did anything but rip me off! So when they tell you well all this BS is they informed me I needed In get a loan to pay my credit cards off, seriously? Really how you gonna get a... Read More

Imma D
New York, New York

Zack hung up on me. when i tried to get more information before subscribing . Thanks God because i did some research and found this website. they have all the bad reviews in the world why are they number 1???

, Texas

I literally had my CC out to use Lexington Law and then I read the reviews!! I feel horrible for all of you that had a bad experience but I hope it makes you feel better to know I won’t be using hire services because of your reviews!!! Sorry to you all and thanks for taking the time to share your experiences.

Sheila O
Burleson, Texas

I started with LL, in April 2017 for My daughter and myself. Everything started off fine changes were being seen, Then out of the blue i was being double charged. I complained and the high I.Q.s always out talked me. So we started the slate clean and it all started again. They change your pay dates, don't email your items like they tell you they will do, Everything that's goes wrong is always your fault or your miss understanding of something. I reported them to the BBB, They called still treated me bad, I cancelled my account, Then they cancelled my daughters on there own after promising to make things right. So upset this is no way to treat people that are in need of the help you... Read More

Angela R
Ypsilanti, Michigan

I signed up for Lexington Law for myself and my husband last month. Everything was going fine, and we both did have several items removed including a bunch of late payments on one of my old auto loans. The problem started when I noticed it was almost time for them to send letters out again and they hadn't updated my credit report on their site. I use a separate credit monitoring service so I uploaded my report and got an email from a rep saying "I'm sure you want to see your credit report results on the site more quickly but just wait, we update all three credit reports monthly. Just be patient and they will show up eventually". Well, I responded back indicating that I didn't want... Read More

South Lyon, Michigan

To many bad reviews, I'll pass on Lexington Law. Start treating people right and you will get more Lex.

Athens, Texas

I don't know why this company is ranked # 1... what they did for me would have been done over time. I really wasted my money using them for about 6 months Mary