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Creditfirm’s credit repair services offers a monthly, cancel anytime program with unlimited features. It is one of the most experienced credit repair services staffed by credit repair professionals. The company has worked with over 60,000 clients across the country improve their credit report. Creditfirm services include unlimited credit bureau challenges, goodwill interventions, cease and desist requests.


Years in Operation

Since 1997

BBB Rating A+


Plan Details


Individual Plan – First work fee plus $49.99 per month

Couples Plan – First work fee plus $89.99 per month

Type of Contract

Month to month

Refund/ Cancellation Policy

Cancel anytime

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The Creditfirm offers a simple process that can be started with a simple call to their toll free number.  On the other line is a credit repair professional is there to offer free consultation and credit repair services.  Clients are asked to submit a copy of their credit report and a consultant immediately goes into work to identify possible items for disputes. Services also include unlimited goodwill interventions and challenges to remove negative items in your credit report.

  • Unlimited Credit Bureau Challenges
  • Unlimited Inquiry Challenges
  • Unlimited Name Variance Challenges
  • Unlimited Address Variance Challenges
  • Unlimited Goodwill Interventions
  • Unlimited Escalated Info Requests
  • Unlimited Debt Validation
  • Unlimited Cease and Desist Requests


Support Services



Phone support


Creditfirm Summary

Creditfirm’s credit repair services comes with no hidden fees and offered as a cancel anytime, month to month contract. It is ideal for those with multiple disputes in their credit profile and is searching for a professional service that can help them improve their credit profile without breaking the bank even further. Unlike other credit repair services who work with a set limit of disputes for each client, Creditfirm offers unlimited challenges and disputes. There is also information and educational tools for helping people understand what goes into their credit report and how it affects all their financial transactions. Overall, the Creditfirm provides excellent services with unlimited challenge and dispute features that is designed to improve your credit profile in a matter of months.

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Lora C
Montréal, Quebec
My score was embarrasingly low my entire life, I was never able to get any kind of credit cards or persoanal loans. I did get a car but, the intrest was 20%. I new that one day i wanted to buy a house so I looked for a company to help me with my credit. I found one guy but he wanted $1000!!!! Another company wanted $120 a month! I found credit firm who fixed my credit and they only took $50 a month! I got letters every month telling me what was deleted and my credit karma went up to 704 and 718. I even got a credit card from capital one for $2000. Im going to get a new car and some furniture this weekend. Having good credit is nice.

Art A
New York, New York
After using Lexington Law for 6 months and getting very few removals from my reports I decided to give creditfirm a try. 3 months into the program they removed twice as many accounts as Lexington did and they did it for half the cost.

Seattle, Washington
Got 17 accounts off my credit in 3 months. What a great investment! I should have done this sooner. Love the service

Dan F
Tampa, Florida
Hired this company back in March when my credit scores were less than 500, now my scores are all up over 640 and I'm approved for a house.

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