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Rating: 9.6 / 10 (Excellent)
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Credit Saint specializes in credit repair services for people searching for assistance with their credit profile. It offers three programs to fit individual client needs. Credit Saint’s credit restoration services include free consultation services through its team of professional credit advisors. All programs also come with a money back guarantee in the first 90 days.

We have discovered that dollar for dollar, Credit Saint offers one of the best programs out there.

Plan Details

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Clean Slate

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Credit Saint offers three programs that are designed to cater to individual credit repair needs. Its Clean Slate program contains an extensive list of credit repair targeted services. It is the most aggressive of the three and gives clients access to escalated information requests. Many companies offer “unlimited disputes” but only end up challenging a maximum of 6 per cycle. Credit Saint’s “Clean Slate” program is unique in the industry as it will challenge every item you believe to be reporting inaccurately with in the first cycle with no limit.

Items Challenged if Reporting Inaccurately

  • Late payments
  • Identity thefts
  • Charged-offs
  • Collections
  • Inquiries
  • Bankruptcies
  • Repossessions
  • Judgments

Credit Saint works in 45 day cycles. Changes on your credit reports are reflected at the end of each cycle. Clients then submit updated credit reports through fax, email or even submit pictures from their smart phones to the company for a progress report update. This report includes inaccurate items that have been removed and pending inaccurate items for dispute. After this, the next cycle of disputes is resumed until all of the inaccurate items are removed from your credit report.

Support Services

Clients are able to reach a credit consultant through a toll-free number. They can also be reached via email and online chat. There is also an online-account page where clients can view the status of inaccurate items removed from their credit reports. This includes a Time Line, Progress Report and Credit Analysis.

Credit Saint Summary

Credit Saint has an extensive list of services that are sure to help people with poor credit scores resulting from inaccurate items appearing on their credit reports. Its 90 day money back guarantee and cancel anytime policy is a testament to the company’s confidence in delivering on its promises. Professional support is readily available through email, phone on online chat. Overall, one of the more dependable we have seen when it comes to credit repair services.


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106 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Renton, Washington
been with credit saint for 7 months and started with about 80 negatives on my credit. They called me today to tell me I'm finished. They had run out of things to dispute. My score climbed every month and went from low 500s to mid 700s. I barely paid attention!

Sara W
Paterson, New Jersey
I just want to thank Credit Saint from saving me from high interest rate credit card hell. Now I can get cards with low rates and even a car loan. Thank you Credit Saint.

Carolyn D
New Milford, Connecticut
I took a chance and trusted Ross at Credit saint to help us with our credit issues i even asked are you sure you will do what you say for the money you are asking >? we were ripped off by other Credit Repair services before, Ross at Credit Saint said trust us Carolyn, WELL i will say they deliverded, Plus !! They were always there when i called with a concern or question and i had a time limit for a mortgage i was applying for , they brought my credit from 520 to 670 in months !! They do what they say they will do and then some !! they are Trust worthy !! Credit Saint ROCKS!!

These guys are straight BALLER. My credit wuz shot. total RIP. These cats brought it back from the dead. Up 60 points as of now and I been wit them since April, so a little over 3 months. They get my stamp of approval.

Jorge R
Shirley, Massachusetts
An excellent experience. They are available, and accountable. I didnt feel like I was bothering anyone when I called. I started with about 60 things and my credit was fixed, to the point of having nothing left to dispute, in 5 months. Nothing left. I didnt even realize it until they called me and told me that it was time to cancel. The woman called and told me "no targets remained" in my credit history. I thought "targets" was funny. They are like exterminators for bad credit.

james l
East Brunswick, New Jersey
I'll scream it from the rooftops! Score went from 563 on March 1st to 690 today, May 24th. There is no way not to be impressed with over 120 points in less than 2 months! I was hoping to shop for a house next year.... Im shopping this summer! This was a life changing event for me. And really, i didnt expect to see deletions, let alone this kind of adjustment. I still cant believe it.

Allena L
Berkeley Heights, New Jersey
UNBELIEVABLE RESULTS! I'd spent the last year and a half fighting with creditors over the decree in my divorce where our debts were split up and some I was not responsible for from a judges order. The creditors didn't care! They harassed me for money and ruined my credit. I was always embarrassed about my credit and relocated cities after divorce and had to explain my credit report in job interviews over and over. SO UNFAIR. I talked to a paralegal at Credit Saint who really didn't promise anything other than if I didn't see changes in 90 days I'd get a full refund. That refund policy was a big selling point. Right now we are on day 37 and 6 of the 11 collection accounts I started... Read More

Jackie f
East Brunswick, New Jersey
I tried this on my own and failed after making a bunch of mistakes as a young person, like co-signing a car for a boyfriend. Who knew co-signing ment the car was my resposibility? Im just the "co-signer". I thought i was helping HIM buy a car, not buy it for him. Suffices to say it got repo'd shortly after the break up, and has been a stain on my credit ever since. There were other lates and collections also. Credit Saint shocked me with results when the repo was deleted in second month along with a bunch of lates and a few collections. Im not finished yet but we covered a great distance in a short time. Money well spent.

Jeff G
New Providence, New Jersey
Round 1 over! I have been fighting with these collection companies for a year. Trying to get them to see reason and take the collections off my credit. I gave up and hired Credit Saint, and in the first month 3 out of the 5 collections are deleted! I wish id done this months ago. A house I wanted was sold out from under me in November because my credit wasnt good enough at the time. Its good enough now. Live and learn.

Omar R
New Providence, New Jersey
I started out with a ton of problems. Totaling about 50 late payments and about 19 collections and charge offs both "unpaid" and "paid". First "cycle"(they call it) there were 11 collections and charge offs removed of the original 19 and about 20 late payments. I asked if I was a rare case because the results were shockingly good, They said no, they won't promise this will happen but it happens regularly. I was between Credit Saint and some others on this list that were less expensive, but when you calculate what I've paid vs. the amount of stuff scraped from my reports, the investment was well worth it.

Our Partner
9.6 / 10
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • High Success Rate (over 95% of clients see changes first cycle)
  • A+ BBB Accredited (Difficult to do in this industry)
  • Unlimited Challenges
  • Unique Challenges, No Form Letters Used
  • Expect Results in 45 days or less.
  • Cancel Anytime