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Rating: 9.6 / 10 (Excellent)
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Credit Saint specializes in credit repair services for people searching for assistance with their credit profile. It offers three programs to fit individual client needs. Credit Saint’s credit restoration services include free consultation services through its team of professional credit advisors. All programs also come with a money back guarantee in the first 90 days.

We have discovered that dollar for dollar, Credit Saint offers one of the best programs out there.

Plan Details

Pricing – Credit Saint does not charge any fees in advance of its providing its services




Clean Slate

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Credit Saint offers three programs that are designed to cater to individual credit repair needs. Its Clean Slate program contains an extensive list of credit repair targeted services. It is the most aggressive of the three and gives clients access to escalated information requests. Many companies offer “unlimited disputes” but only end up challenging a maximum of 6 per cycle. Credit Saint’s “Clean Slate” program is unique in the industry as it will challenge every item you believe to be reporting inaccurately with in the first cycle with no limit.

Items Challenged if Reporting Inaccurately

  • Late payments
  • Identity thefts
  • Charged-offs
  • Collections
  • Inquiries
  • Bankruptcies
  • Repossessions
  • Judgments

Credit Saint works in 45 day cycles. Changes on your credit reports are reflected at the end of each cycle. Clients then submit updated credit reports through fax, email or even submit pictures from their smart phones to the company for a progress report update. This report includes inaccurate items that have been removed and pending inaccurate items for dispute. After this, the next cycle of disputes is resumed until all of the inaccurate items are removed from your credit report.

Support Services

Clients are able to reach a credit consultant through a toll-free number. They can also be reached via email and online chat. There is also an online-account page where clients can view the status of inaccurate items removed from their credit reports. This includes a Time Line, Progress Report and Credit Analysis.

Credit Saint Summary

Credit Saint has an extensive list of services that are sure to help people with poor credit scores resulting from inaccurate items appearing on their credit reports. Its 90 day money back guarantee and cancel anytime policy is a testament to the company’s confidence in delivering on its promises. Professional support is readily available through email, phone on online chat. Overall, one of the more dependable we have seen when it comes to credit repair services.


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106 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Los Angeles, California
score up almost 100 points. their portal is good. you can see what they do without talking to them. Id use them agian if i had to fight creditors again. and would recommend them confidently.

Lewes, Delaware
My credit was really bad. so bad that I couldn't use it and really needed to get a job. I would only apply for jobs that didn't state that they they looked at credit. but id get to interviews and then they would say it. so I was stuck in a job I hated because I couldn't get away from the mess I made in college. I'm with CS for about 6 months now and between me settling accounts with their advice and the accounts they have taken off my credit, its finally clear. I got the new job about 2 months ago so I should have posted the review earlier. but here it is. They did a good job.

Chicago, Illinois
did what i expected went form 550 to 700 between thanks giving and valentines. Good work!

Easton, Pennsylvania
Im so happy i used Credit Saint. I wanted to buy a house by the end of 2018, but it turns out I m approved now. huge life change.

Edison, New Jersey
I dont know why these guys are not number 1 on this list. I used lexington and, turns out they are the same company, and spend THOUSANDS to get nothing in return. I only tried Credit Saint on a lark because they promised a refund if they couldnt remove anything. No such promise from lexington. Lexington also told me Id need to be in their program for 6 months to see changes. Credit Saint told me to expect changes in less than 45 days. Had they been listed higher, id have saved a bunch of money. They did in 4 months what lexington and couldnt do in a year.

Lewes, Delaware
got the propperty and Credit Saint made the deal happen. I came to them in a bad spot and 60 days to change my report or lose a great investment. The rep said, I dont know what will happen, but in the Clean Slate program, you will know you did everything you could. He was right, and not only did I get the house, The rate ended up lower because we overshot the 680 score I was hoping for. All said and done i was at 714 when the deal got done. saved a few bucks on the rate.

Lewes, Delaware
great experience with the most knowledgeable credit repair people ive spoken to. And Ive called them all. These people take the time to really listen and treat the whole situation, not just dispute dispute dispute. I was on the phone with a paralegal for about 50 minutes going through the full circumstances of my divorce. very good attention to detail and responsiveness.

David p
New York, New York
Great company. Went from 520 to 692 in 4 months. One report totally cleaned. Love them. Great customer service and support!

Indianapolis, Indiana
Awesome work great results. I tell everyone, so now im telling you too! They will change your life.

Avi R
Los Angeles, California
Credit Saint is doing excellent service, fast and acurate and deliver what they promised. BEBERT Los Angeles, CA 12/14/17

Our Partner
9.6 / 10
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • High Success Rate (over 95% of clients see changes first cycle)
  • A+ BBB Accredited (Difficult to do in this industry)
  • Unlimited Challenges
  • Unique Challenges, No Form Letters Used
  • Expect Results in 45 days or less.
  • Cancel Anytime