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Credit Saint specializes in credit repair services for people searching for assistance with their credit profile. It offers three programs to fit individual client needs. Credit Saint’s credit restoration services include free consultation services through its team of professional credit advisors. All programs also come with a money back guarantee in the first 90 days. We have discovered that dollar for dollar, Credit Saint offers one of the best programs out there.

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Credit Saint offers three programs that are designed to cater to individual credit repair needs. Its Clean Slate program contains an extensive list of credit repair targeted services. It is the most aggressive of the three and gives clients access to escalated information requests. Many companies offer “unlimited disputes” but only end up challenging a maximum of 6 per cycle. Credit Saint’s “Clean Slate” program is unique in the industry as it will challenge every item you believe to be reporting inaccurately with in the first cycle with no limit.

Items Challenged if Reporting Inaccurately

  • Late payments
  • Identity thefts
  • Charged-offs
  • Collections
  • Inquiries
  • Bankruptcies
  • Repossessions
  • Judgments

Credit Saint works in 45 day cycles. Changes on your credit reports are reflected at the end of each cycle. Clients then submit updated credit reports through fax, email or even submit pictures from their smart phones to the company for a progress report update. This report includes inaccurate items that have been removed and pending inaccurate items for dispute. After this, the next cycle of disputes is resumed until all of the inaccurate items are removed from your credit report.

Support Services

Clients are able to reach a credit consultant through a toll-free number. They can also be reached via email and online chat. There is also an online-account page where clients can view the status of inaccurate items removed from their credit reports. This includes a Time Line, Progress Report and Credit Analysis.

Credit Saint Summary

Credit Saint has an extensive list of services that are sure to help people with poor credit scores resulting from inaccurate items appearing on their credit reports. Its 90 day money back guarantee and cancel anytime policy is a testament to the company’s confidence in delivering on its promises. Professional support is readily available through email, phone on online chat. Overall, one of the more dependable we have seen when it comes to credit repair services.


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Aaron H
I used Credit Saint Clean Slate services and I couldn't be happier with the results. 2 major aspects to this: #1- the results. They challenged every negative impacting item on all my reports with great success. My credit score went from high 500's and low 600's to high 700's and even over 800 on my TransUnion report. That was a leap on average of 200+ points. I wasn't expecting that fantastic results that quickly. #2- the responsiveness and attention to detail. You receive a timeline of everything they are doing for you. You can see how quickly they turnaround and challenge new credit reports to achieve the results they do. They call you every month to report on changes and to... Read More

Atlanta, Georgia
Great work done FAST! Id reccommend them. I used lexington before this, and was not satisfied with the service or results. Credit Saint blew them out of the water.

Ron R
Tehachapi, California
I signed my wife up with Credit Saint because her credit score was low due mostly to just not having any credit cards or recurring monthly credit payments. She had 3 negative reports that were hanging on and keeping her score low as well. Credit Saint worked on these negatives and had them removed. It does not happen all at once and does not happen in one month but with Credit Saints help and a few months time my wife's score went up gradually and we were able to get into the 2 bdrm home we been working towards for a very long time. My wife and I sacrificed furniture for a home so now we have our dream home but no furniture at all so we wanted to cancel our account with CS for a moment and... Read More

, Missouri
From the start Credit Saint was very much in tuned with my credit situation. And it showed after the 1st cycle of letters to credit agencies. My TU score jumped by nearly 50 points and my equifax jumped nearly 35 points. While this will not be the norm but trust that they will get results.

New Orleans, Louisiana
good company. good results. Recommmend.

Danielle F
Lanham, Maryland
I was extraordinarily skeptical about companies such as this, but much to my surprise, Credit Saint is rescuing my credit and impressing me every month! I do wish all of the staff were a bit more in sync with each other while the accounts are reviewed, but for the most part, the staff is very pleasant and happy to answer questions.

Josefina S
Herriman, Utah
Credit Saint has really made miracles happen for me. When I started with them, I couldn't get approved for any loans or credit cards at all. My credit was really bad. But with their expertise guidance and advice, I've managed to improve my credit rating, get approved for personal loans at a LOW interest rate (which is very difficult in NJ), and I've been approved and able to maintain several credit cards. They review accounts on a monthly basis and will advise when you should reduce your plan. This is so refreshing because it shows me it's not about their monthly fee. They are great at what they do and genuinely care about their clients and accounts. Credit Saint has truly changed my life!... Read More

Satisfied C
Douglasville, Georgia
Credit Saint has an outstanding customer service and support team. Regular review calls on a monthly basis is a key differentiator to chart your progress. In less than 90 days, there was significant progress in terms of a: 100+ negative payment entries removed and several collection accounts deleted, Highly recommended.

Spring Valley, New York
I didn't know where to start when it came to fixing my credit, but I'm glad I called Credit Saint. Rob and his amazing voice answered every question I had and after a free consultaion, made me understand why my credit was the way it was. I've been with this company for only a short amount of time and have seen better results than a friend of mine who chose Lexington Law. I decided to take advantage of Credit Saints 90 money back guarantee and I'm glad I did.

Norman W
Culpeper, Virginia
I thought my credit was quite good but had trouble with a car purchase so turned to Credit Saint to fix it. They gave a clear explanation of their services and brief review of my report on the first phone call. Even though my problem was fairly simple they listened to my explanations and then patiently showed me my misunderstandings. They did everything they said they would and more, instructing me so I could keep my credit in better shape from now on. Their fees were very reasonable for all they gave my and service far more than expected. While their phone answering is a digital recording, it quickly got me to a live person on every call.

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