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Credit Saint specializes in credit repair services for people searching for a way to improve their credit profile. It offers three credit repair programs to fit individual client needs. Credit Saint’s credit restoration services include free consultation services through its team of professional credit advisors. All programs also come with a money back guarantee if no negative items are removed in the first 90 days. We have discovered that dollar for dollar, Credit Saint offers one of the best programs out there.


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Credit Saint offers three programs that are designed to cater to individual credit repair needs. Its Clean Slate program contains an extensive list of credit repair targeted services which includes all negative items for dispute. It is the most aggressive of the three and gives clients access to escalated information requests. Many companies offer “unlimited disputes” but only end up challenging a maximum of 6 per cycle. Credit Saint’s “Clean Slate” program is unique in the industry as it will challenge every questionable item you disagree with in the first cycle with no limit.

Items Challenged

  • Late payments
  • Identity thefts
  • Charged-offs
  • Collections
  • Inquiries
  • Bankruptcies
  • Repossessions
  • Judgments

Credit Saint works in 45 day cycles. Changes on your credit reports are reflected at the end of each cycle. Clients then submit these credit reports through fax, email or even submit pictures from your smart phone to the company for a progress report update. This report includes negative items that have been removed and pending negative items for dispute. After this, the next cycle of disputes is resumed until all of the negative items are removed from your credit report.

Support Services

Clients are able to reach a credit consultant through a toll-free number. They could also be reached via email and online chat. There is also an online-account page where clients can view the status of negative items removed from their credit report. This includes a Time Line, Progress Report and Credit Analysis.

Credit Saint Summary

Credit Saint has an extensive list of credit repair services that are sure to help people with poor credit scores. Its 90 day money back guarantee and cancel anytime policy are a testament to the company’s confidence in delivering on its promises. Professional support is readily available through email, phone on online chat. Overall, one of the more dependable and maybe most aggressive companies we have seen when it comes to credit repair services.


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Bilge Karhan
I have contacted them in panic after noticing an unexpected decrease in my credit score. The person who was speaking to me spent 20 minutes on the phone analyzing my credit status and in the end she told me that I don't need to panic and I don't need a professional credit repair service at this time. She then proceeded and gave me recommendations about how to keep my score high. She literally spent 20 minutes on the phone with me knowing that I was not going to purchase their service. This honesty and willingness to help is something you can not find easily.

Manassas, Virginia
Really good attention to detail....AND RESULTS! 58 negative items removed in less than 3 months! Real bad stuff too like open collections! I asked how this was possible because I had worked with lexington law before, and it was slooooooooooooooooooow going. They said their Clean Slate program challenges everything I want, all at once. Lexington dosent do that. They also offer a 90 day money back guaruantee, Lexington dosent do that either. If you are taking a run at fixing your credit, I say try Credit Saint first. I should have.

Phoenix, Arizona
Great work. I had a ton of crud on my report from an ex boyfriend who screwed me in so many ways. I was so far gone, that I was looking into changing my social security number. The paralegal I talked to, explained that was not the way to go. She helped me understand how to start building credit, while their team started scrubbing the crud! Im about a month in, and have had 51 late payments removed so far in their Clean Slate program. They are making what I thought was impossible look easy.

Nick Pappajohn
Fort Worth, Texas
So far I have been with CS over a month and don't feel there very organized.

Jamila Orton
I hads no idea how much work went into a credit score. I thought as long as you payed it eventually, you didn't get hurt on your score. I was SO WRONG. My score was in the early 400's. Thats terrible according to everyone I talked to. I worked with Credit Saint to get my up. They got rid of over 200 late payments and some charge offs that were on there from some banks. My score went up to 640 in teh two years I was with them. So grateful for them.

Damian Rodgers
Brooklyn, New York
CS is def legit. After my boo and I split up, I needed a place to go. My credit wazn't good and it was not a good situation for me. I ended up back with my mom for a while until I could affords a place myself. My sister told me about CS and that would help get me better rates and stuff. I don't know much about it and it's confusing so I called and they answered all my questions. Overall, my score rose 180+ points over the last 9-10 months. It's been helping real good.

Robert Novick
My wife and I were trying to be a new home and move due to her getting a new job. Our credit was shot and we couldn't get a good interest rate for a mortgage due to high credit card bills and our payment history. Credit Saint helped us get out of that by challenging the items on our report and also working with us. We spoke to an advisor there who gave us tips on what we could do on our end. My score rose about 139 points and my wifes went up 160 points. We've been with them for about 8 months and we couldn't be happier with what they've done for us.

Chris Michaels
Transunion score before: 507, after 6 months with CS: 649 Equifax: before: 510, after: 645 Experian: before 504, after 649 They removed over 100 late payments and got rid of a lien against me as well.

Jason Ford
I studied up on what I could do to get my credit score up. I tried it for a few weeks and I got no where with it. I was frustrated but knew I had to do something. Since doing it myself wasn't working, I filled out the form on the Saint site and within minutes someone had called me back saying they saw my information come through and wanted to chat. They walked me through how their process was a bit different and more effective than anything I had previously tried. Effective isn't the word. They got rid of 2 lien's held against me and knocked around 200 late payments down to 69 and they aren't done yet. My overall score has gone from the high 500's (593 I believe I started with) to over 740... Read More

Marty Macaluso
They got 30 items off my credit history. Score went up 148 points in 4 months. My life is so much better. Glad to have those credit trolls off my back as well.

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