#2 in Credit Repair is a company that offers credit repair services for clients who want to improve their credit score or wish to challenge items in their existing credit report. The company makes it possible for people to improve their credit profile through services such as negative item removal, credit score tracking, credit monitoring, and assistance and advice regarding leading a healthier financial lifestyle.  


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$12.99 one-time fee for pulling credit report

$99.95 monthly fee

Type of Contract

Month to month

Refund/ Cancellation Policy

Cancel anytime

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  • Credit Repair Organization Act
  • Registered with Attorney General Offices
  • Bonded

Features helps improve your credit score by using three simple steps. Once you are enrolled in the program, the company analyzes your credit report and identifies all possible items for dispute. During this first step also identifies a given client's long-term goals.

The second step in its credit repair process involves challenging banks and other financial organizations for reporting inaccuracies. This includes follow-up actions and unlimited disputes until all issues are resolved. A few of the items challenged by include:

  • Collections
  • Late payments
  • Charge offs
  • Liens
  • Bankruptcies
  • Repossessions
  • Foreclosures
  • Judgments

The final step is to evaluate your credit score for improvements. also provides helpful tools for monitoring your credit score. This could be done online or through the use of its mobile app. Tools include an online dashboard that lets you track your credit score while negative items are removed, text and email alerts.  

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Unlimited disputes
  • Online account management
  • Identity theft protection

Support Services gives clients easy access to their credit scores through its online portal and mobile app. Reaching your credit advisor could be done through phone services or email. However, they do not offer online chat and phone services are only available during business hours. Summary monthly premium of $99.95 is a bit pricey compared with the other credit repair services we reviewed. The company does not offer free consultation services so the only way you could get a feel for what it offers is by signing up with the service. For those who end up enrolling, actually does a good job in removing negative items from their credit reports. Credit advisors were also quite responsive and provided professional advice for achieving lifestyle changes. A good choice for credit repair shoppers who have the budget.


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Rolando Fernandez review
They say that my credit can be repair after bankruptcy chapter 7 and need sing and pay just to find that this chapter 7 bankruptcy is not possible clean before 10 years, they lie me to take his service and charge me for nothing twice in 30 days and refuse give my money back, they lie to take advantage of my concern.

Lorenzo H.
Florence, Kentucky review
DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!! I signed up with them based on the numerous lies they tell you, and it was a complete waste of money. They tell you that you MUST pay for one credit report. I asked them if I could just upload a tri-merge report that I recently got and they told me no. So I had to pay for it. Soon after I completed the enrollment I was told that they couldn’t access one of my credit reports and that I could go out and get it on my own and then upload it. Well, if I could upload it now, why did I have to pay for it at first… scam. Next, we went through my credit reports and I had 41 items between the three reports that needed to be disputed. Well, what they do not tell you up front is that they only dispute about 3-4 items at a time. At that right it would take you forever to get the initial dispute done on all items. Well, I stayed with the program for 7 months and in all that time I got ONE item removed, and it later came back on my report. When I called in to express my concern the phone rep who knew nothing about credit repair said she couldn’t connect me with a supervisor or anyone that knew anything about the credit repair service/process. I asked them to cancel my membership and hung up. The next month I was charge again. I called back in and was given the run around before they would cancel my subscription. When I got around to actually talking to a supervisor and she asked me my reasoning for canceling and I told her that in 7 month I had only had one item removed, she then got defensive and said they never make any promises about cleaning up my credit report. Which may be true, but they surely make some VERY strong suggestions in their advertisement and initial consultation that they will be able to help you! Don’t be fooled!!!