Samsung Business Phone System Review

Rating: 7.9 / 10 (Very good)
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How is Samsung rated?

Samsung is a consumer electronics company that specializes in home appliances, smart TV, tablets, LED lightning, smartphones, home theatre, digital camera, security and monitoring. This company also manufactures business communication systems for small to medium-sized businesses.  

Services and Features

Samsung offers services such as documents sharing, call waiting and unlimited conferencing. Conferencing allows multiple callers to exchange ideas simultaneously. While call waiting enables user to receive an update whenever there is an incoming call and allows transferring in the middle of calls.

The company provides warranty from one up to three year and caters online demonstration for interested applicants. Samsung provides free trial upon registration and offers live chat assistance online.

Other services offered by Samsung includes unlimited calling and internet fax. Internet fax enables the use of the internet to send fax rather than phone. The company has unified communication which allows the use of present technology equipment for synchronization and transferring of files.                 

Samsung offers units such as desk phones, receptionist phone, conference phone and soft phone. Soft phone facilitates calls from the internet.  The company provides variety of communication channels like live chat assistance, telephone and email.                                                                                                              

Services and Features

Unlimited Calling

Unlimited Conferencing

Unlimited Internet Fax

Instant Messaging

Online Meeting

Call Log Report

Documents Sharing

Voice Mail System

Call Waiting

Unified Communication

Toll-free minutes

Number of Users (Maximum)

512 users

Phone System

Music on Hold

Auto Attendant

Directory Assistance

Hosted PBX

Extension Dialling

Business Features

Business SMS

3-Way Calling

Conference Bridge

Do not Disturb

Call Park

Caller ID Blocking


eAgent Integration

ACT! Integration

Outlook and Skype for Business

Net Suite


Phones and Handsets

Desk Phones

Cordless Phones

Receptionist Phone

Conference Phone

ID Phone

Soft phone

Plan Details

Free Trial

Activation Cost

Installation Fee


  1. 3 years


Help and Support

U.S Based Support

Online Demo

Live Chat

Telephone Support



Business Phone Systems at Samsung

Samsung is a great choice to consider simply because of the wide-range of products and services that can cater to the communication needs of small to midsize businesses.

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